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First Monday January 6, 2014

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Happy First Monday of the New Year!

Happy First Multi-Hyphenated-Me Post of 2014!

After two weeks of illness, then two weeks of winter break, two holidays, having our daughter move home with all rounded out by celebrating two of our kids birthdays early (their birthdays are on the 6th & 8th), I have never been happier to see everyone go back to school and work on this first Monday.

Can I get a hallelujah?

My year really starts today, sure a week later than most, but today begins my new year.  The partying is over, the baking is done, and it’s time to get on track with everyday life.

I said my only resolution is to do what’s right, apparently that doesn’t include laundry.  Conquering laundry mountain is definitely a short term resolution.

I also signed up for a reading challenge on Good Reads.  I committed to reading 100 books this year.  Not sure where to start, I looked to the NY Times Best Seller’s list and decided to read a book from the best seller’s list from the every year during my birth week, starting with 1968.  This will give me 45 books to read.  The bestseller’s lists from back in the day are an interesting mix.  I’ve begun with Leon Uris’ Topaz.

Never say diet, so I won’t, but this is the year, the time is now, that I am dropping the excess attached to my body.  Along with a team of co-workers, I’ve joined the Whole Life Challenge ( that begins on January 11. Not sure why the challenge doesn’t begin until the 11th, but I’m starting today with (not a diet) dietary changes. The Whole Life Challenge lasts 8 weeks and I anticipate my program needing a solid 6 months to shed my girth.  Yippee.

The time is now.  Time to get the kids up and ready for school.  Time to get working.  Time to throw in a load of laundry.  Time to make good food choices (you should hear the two birthday cakes on the counter screaming “EAT ME!  EAT ME!).  Time to do what’s right.

Ready?  Let’s go.