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No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service June 30, 2013

If you’ve crossed paths with my family ever, or truly in the past 7 years, you know we are not shy about showing skin.  This does not mean we’re locals at the Kaniksu Ranch Family Nudist Park I saw advertised in the Out There Monthly paper highlighting “The Original Bare Buns Fun Run” and other weekend or weeklong activities. Let me keep a joke alive by saying, no one needs to see old man junk.  We are not exhibitionist by any means, but my children, specifically my youngest, has been known to run down the street in the buff and flash anyone who is interested or not.  Keep in mind this is the same child that has serious issue with getting up in front of the class or to have the spotlight on him for school events like Student/Star of the Week.  The kid is a walking conundrum. As he ages up, he is becoming slightly more modest.  Slightly.  We’ll get there, maybe.

The point is, we’re accustomed to a little nudity.  We shouldn’t have been surprised earlier this week when Andre and I were in Rosauer’s (pronounced Row-zers, I learned the hard way) grabbing some groceries and a dad and his two boys walked in and all the males were shirtless.  I noticed, was surprised and said nothing.  Andre was quick to speak up and say, “Mom, they’re naked”.  Not technically, but yes, they are shirtless.  I witnessed this phenomenon earlier in the week too but it didn’t register.  This second time around, I thought what ever happened to No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service.

Yesterday at Hoopfest, we were in Riverfront Mall, a multi-story complex with the movie theaters on the 3-5 floors. I understand people were playing basketball.  I understand we had thunderstorms most of the day.  They were all most likely wet from rain and sweat.  That is no excuse to not wear a shirt. Yet in the mall, in the food court, many men were shirtless. There’s a time and a place to be shirtless or topless. I’ve played part as well, I’m no holy roller.  But at 5 PM in a suburban grocery store not next to a body of water or in a mall, with food?  Not the time or the place.

Andre’s phrase “No one needs to see your nibs” comes from his misunderstanding that nipples were called nibbles so we will forever refer to them as nibs.  A good code word.  He’s right.  No one needs to see you nibs or your belly hanging over your shorts, especially while thinking about, shopping for or eating food.  I should mention I haven’t seen anything close to six-pack stomachs, though I will admit to seeing some ripped mighty guns of nice looking men sporting sleeveless basketball shirts.

There is no real harm in nib and belly bearing, but what really concerns me is that Andre is going to adopt the practice. As if I don’t have enough to manage with this kid, I envision that he will soon try to sport the local non-attire for inappropiate events….like eating dinner or going anywhere where water isn’t involved.

I ask the men of Spokane, for my sake as a mother raising boys, when appropriate, please put a shirt on.

Requests for photos of our adventures have been received.  Please note that photos of shirtless men with man boobs and big bellys is not photo-worthy.  If I had my phone or camera with me yesterday at Hoopfest, I would have stopped this one guy for a photo-op but I missed the opportunity.  You know I’m not shy.



A Day in the Life June 29, 2013

Around 3:30 PM today, after I spent an exciting day unpacking boxes while Vince worked on his office, we headed downtown to experience Hoopfest.  Before we get into Hoopfest, I have to clear the air that Vince hasn’t worked from home in 6 years.  He wants to set his office up correct the first time then being able to focus on all that he does without worrying about office setup.  I still call him high maintenance, but his claims, I will vouch, are true.  Back to our day.

We live in South Hill, 3 miles south of the heart of downtown Spokane, on a hill, so is the name, South Hill. Downtown Spokane is not some Main Street driven downtown.  Downtown Spokane is a true downtown metro area complete with multiple high-rise buildings and parking structures, restaurants, museums, a mall and a central park known as Riverfront Park.

This weekend is Hoopfest, the world’s largest 3 on 3 street basketball tournament. Vince and I are not fans of crowds or festivals so the thought of going to Hoopfest was not high on our list of things to do.  The boys were really amped to check it out as they had met some kids playing in the event.  We did the right thing and took them to Hoopfest. Coming from Southern California, our thought of a popular event this large would mean parking miles away, being swallowed by hordes of people, somebody getting lost and attending being more hassle than fun, which is why we don’t like festivals.  Because Hoopfest is  a street event with 454 courts, streets were closed adding to what we thought would be the frenzy.

Never have we been more wrong. Our plan was to check out Hoopfest, grab food from the vendors at Riverfront Park then go to the AMC 20 in Riverfront Mall in the middle of the action to see Monsters University.  If we’re going to go, we’re going to go big.  We passed several $20 event parking lots on our first pass to figure out where to park.  Our goal was to get as close to the mall as possible.  Not only were we able to get to the mall, we were able to park with no issue! Unbelievable! The mall was packed like we were in the midst of holiday shopping as people were using the mall as a thoroughfare from the park on the north side  of the mall to the courts set up on the streets on the south side of the mall.

The food vendors were busy with a handful of people in line to order.  Manageable!  The food was good and everyone was happy.  After eating we checked out the basketball action.  The games we saw were men 50+, women 40’s, kids under 12 and older kids 18-22.  The old men kept strictly to a passing game and taking long shots.  The 40-year-old women were fierce, not afraid to slide on the wet asphalt from the earlier thunderstorms and get a leg full of road rash to make a shot or complete a pass.  I’m definitely not tough enough to play next year was the concensus. The kids were fun to watch hot dogging shots and travelling all over.  The older kids made me question whether any rules were in place.  Game play was nasty, no fouls called but plenty of fouls made, I was surprised no one took a punch.  I’m too much of a wuss to get road rash, but I would throw a punch if someone pushed me around in an unclean game.  Let’s analyze that another day.

Trace made from free throws and earned a Hoopfest lanyard.  He’s stoked.  Trace told me he heard on the radio that Macklemore was in town (a fellow Washingtonian, aka my new best friend) for the event or after parties. Is this true, I don’t know but if we can see Snoop Dog/Lion at Brea Mall, anything is possible.

Totally random thing happened at Hoopfest.  I recognized someone!  Not someone I know, but while I was so busy ranting about the guy in Wal-Mart, I didn’t mention the cool Rastafarian guy that was at Wal-Mart that made music when he walked.  I saw the exact same guy at Hoopfest!  He was still making music.  I’m not talking about accordian between his knees music, he wears a chain of bells that hang on his left side and make melodious tunes when he walks.  He stood out in Wal-Mart because he was the only Rasta I had seen in Spokane and dbecause I was envious of his musical swagger.  When he passed me in the store I made a mental note to get some bells.  When I passed him on the street today at Hoopfest, I did a 180 turn and nearly walked on top of him while checking out how he was making the music.  When I caught back up with Vince and the boys, I told them my story.  Of course they looked at me like I’m insane. Which is exactly why I blog.  You understand me.

We then went to the mall and saw Monsters University.  Cute. Funny.  Good teamwork, let’s all get along in spite of our differences message which is always good for my kids to hear.  We all enjoyed the show.

My hairstylist, Taylor, recommended we check out South Perry Street Pizza.  For dinner, we grabbed a couple of pies to go on our way home.  A good recommendation.  Finding a good pizza in town is a huge comfort.  Boxes getting checked off daily.

Sigh.  We’re getting settled.  It feels good.




Note:  This blog site and all posts are about me and all parts of me, my hyphens.  My intention is not to project my values, morales, beliefs or attitude on anyone.  I’m just sharing.  Take these posts for what they are.  If I offend, forgive me.



Eviction Notice Served June 28, 2013

At one point today, I found myself working from the kitchen table.  Vince has become too comfortable with his temporary makeshift office housed in my office space.  It wouldn’t be bad, sharing an office, but he talks SO loud on the phone, doesn’t like music, or at least my music, and doesn’t appreciate my commentary to whatever he’s doing or my fun conversations with my colleagues. Go figure. You’d think he’d get up and work elsewhere, but no.  So today I gave my husband a generous ten days to get his office in order and move his crap out of my space.

Calmly and rationally (my head wasn’t spinning and I wasn’t shouting) I told him that I needed my space and he really needed to be completely out within 10 days. Eviction notice served. He totally agreed.  Shazam, just like that, I will be in my office soon.  I’m in my office now, writing this post, with Andre, age 7, on my lap talking to me incessantly about Minecraft.  Boxes of all shapes and sizes are lined up against one wall as not only is this room my office, it is also the guest room and houses our exercise bike.  My plans include storing all of my sewing and craft stuff in here too.  An action packed room and all totally possible. The reality is that I’ll never be alone.

When and if the office ever becomes mine, all mine, I will post a photo.  Until then, I’ll do my best to be patient and understanding as my high maintenance husband figures out his space, which by the way, isn’t office-slash-anything. He needs his space. So do we.  The days of sharing an office with my husband may be numbered but I’m thankful daily that we’re both able to work remotely, from home.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking of my friends in the Southwest, broiling in this heat wave.  You could feel the increase in temperature here in Spokane today but the heat is only beginning to soar.  I don’t do well in the heat.  Highs to 104 on Tuesday.  Eek!  Nothing compared to the desert temps I know.  Stay cool! Stay hydrated!

Tomorrow morning we pick up the last of our boxes shipped via Amtrak. Have I mentioned I’m never moving again?  Packing and moving is one thing, unpacking and getting settled is another mess all together.  Trying to put your stuff in a new house is really a game of putting square pegs into round holes.  We’ll get it done, but after our first week, the work that still remains is daunting.  With the heat, I don’t want to do any of it.  I’m hoping we go jump in the lake this weekend.  Doesn’t that sound better than unpacking boxes?

I just started reading Franny & Zooey but JD Salinger, left behind by the previous owners,  A book that I have never read.  What book are you reading?  Jumping in the lake, reading a book, drinking an ice-cold beverage and relaxing is what I look forward too most this weekend.

TGIF, this office is closed.







Lunchtime Adventures June 27, 2013

Juggling kids and careers during summer is a both rewarding and a challenge.  We balance our lives by waking early while the kids sleep late, handing out their to-do (or not to-do) lists and tag team run interference should play time go awry.  As part of our newly planned Summer Fun and to celebrate our first full week in Spokane, we ventured out to Riverfront Park to see the pre-Hoopfest hype, Spokane Falls and have lunch at Anthony’s Home Port, all in downtown Spokane, a quick 3 miles downhill from our house.Riverfront Park is an awesome stretch of park in downtown Spokane, along the Spokane river, complete with walking paths, “all wheels paths”, amusement rides, Spokane Falls Skyride, Looff Carousel and IMAX, not to mention spectacular views of Spokane falls. Check it out

I had visited the park in January with Jessica and in May with Trace and still haven’t seen or done all that the park has to offer.  Today was the first visit for Vince, Niko and Andre.  No matter the number of visits, Spokane Falls are an amazing sight.

Riverfront park was alive with Hoopfest event set-up.  Portable basketball hoops in heights for all ages, food vendors, volunteers and news cameras were on the scene to get ready for the world’s largest 3-on-3 street basketball tournament.  We are looking forward to checking out the action on Saturday.

After a stroll through the park, we headed across bridges spanning the river to arrive at Anthony’s Home Port on the northwest side of the river. Anthony’s is a Pacific Northwest seafood restaurant chain  If you’ve ever flown into Seattle, you’ve walked past or eaten at Anthony’s at SeaTac.  Anthony’s Home Port in Spokane features indoor and patio seating with spectacular views of the falls.  Trace and I had lunch here in May and he was excited to return for their Ponzu Salmon bowl with jasmine rice and salad.  Niko, our adventurous eater, loves mussels and ordered their Mussels and Fries plate.  Vince ordered Cioppino and Ceaser, a delicious twist on a typical soup and salad lunch.  I had the Chop Chop Seafood Salad with shrimp and crab.  Andre, our pickiest eater safely ordered Mac-n-Cheese off the kids menu and requested a caeser salad as well.  Andre’s green foods include avocado, artichokes and green grapes.  That’s it.  I told the waiter no side salad which Andre didn’t hear.  When the food arrived, everyone dug in except Andre who was looking for his caeser salad.  Vince told him they put it on his plate and put half of his salad on a spare bread plate.  Andre said ok and started eating the salad.  I asked him when did he begin liking salad?  He told me “I have my secrets”.  Andre proceeded to eat the entire portion of salad and then ate his Mac-n-Cheese.  Not only did he eat salad, but he ate salad first!  If I hadn’t been there to bear witness, I wouldn’t have believed it.  Since everyone polished their meals, we ordered the three special desserts featuring strawberries – strawberry cheesecake, strawberry shortcake and strawberry sorbet. All delicious and gone in a flash as if we just didn’t eat a full meal!  Our service, from hostess to waiter was excellent.  If you haven’t been to an Anthony’s restaurant, we highly recommend you go.

After all that food, we walked back to Riverfront Park and decided to take the Spokane Falls SkyRide for a view of the falls from the bottom. We scored a $2 discount with our AAA card and also picked up movie information at the IMAX.  Again, the views were beautiful.

Spokane Falls SkyRide

Vince captured the adventure today best by saying, “This is awesome!  We are so lucky to live here!” We all had to agree.


To quickly touch on my image issue of looking like a dependent housewife highlighted in yesterday’s post, I am happy to report that I (1) found an awesome salon and fantastic stylist, Taylor, on my first try, hallelujah; (2) Taylor thinks my gray is elegant and he said I have great bone structure for short hair (flattery will get you a big tip…but…); (3) the salon is a non-tipping salon as in no cash tips allowed.  WTH?  Fine by me AND I feel human again with a super short cut.  Refreshing on many levels. Thanks Tay-Tay for the cut and all the great insight on neighborhoods, great pizza, restaurants and outdoors adventures.


Thanks Spokane!  Our first week has been great and we are all happy to be here.


Working Girl June 26, 2013

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There are three things you must do if you really want to experience a cross-section of humanity in your town:  buy or sell something on Craigslist, go yard sale shopping, and visit your local Wal-Mart.  Hitting up yard sales is on my must-do list but with only being in Spokane 5 full days, I’ve managed to buy something on Craigslist and visited Wal-Mart (only because it’s closer than Target and I was lazy…I mean busy).  Yowza, Spokane has some fascinating people.  Trader Joe’s alone draws them in across the Inland Northwest, Canada, Idaho and Montana.  Wal-Mart, wherever you are, never disappoints as it attracts the most incredibly bizarre people ever.

I had to buy a vacuum.  I don’t move vacuums or brooms or mops.  I don’t want my old dirt in my new house.  Insert Vince’s eye roll here.  Chalk up new cleaning tools as a moving expense.  I went to Wal-Mart to buy a vacuum.  Being the freak magnet that I am, a random man started talking to me as I was reading all the mind-boggling vacuum marketing buzz words. Nothing major, just idle conversation about vacuums and house cleaning.  Then he asked me what my husband did for a living to allow me to stay at home all day.

I paused.  I gave my response some thought before saying a word.  I weighed my options, do I really want to get into it with this guy?  No. Why is he asking?  What a random question.  I decided I didn’t want to get deeper into conversation with the guy so I told him to have a nice day and quickly walked away with vacuum in tow.

On this day when the Supreme Court grants equal rights,  racism is still inexcusably in the nation’s spotlight, I was stunned that the assumption was made that I don’t work and I am dependent on my husband.

Let’s clear this up here and now.  I’m dependent on my husband for car repairs, taking out the trash, tying knots, driving all trailers, building all things, dealing with the animals,  explaining all things technical and teaching our boys how to be boys.  I love him, I need him, but dependency is a strong word. This isn’t about him.  The Wal-Mart guy’s comment made me think why does this guy think I’m not employed.  Perhaps my workout outfit, no make up and shopping at Wal-Mart at noon on a Wednesday had something to do with it.  All valid points to be sure. Even in my yoga pants I could work somewhere.  Why would this guy say that?

My feathers were easily ruffled today as I am a working girl.  Daily I am working myself ragged every day, unpacking, cleaning, entertaining kids, feeding the family three meals a day (why do we eat so much?) and working full days too!  I work!  I work hard too!

I have worked since I was twelve.  I had a paper route for the Sandusky Register.  I rolled, rubber banded and stuffed my cloth messenger bag full of papers, then jumped on my hot pink bike complete with gold glitter banana seat and rode my route delivering papers in rain, snow or shine.  Monthly, I went door to door and collected payments and tips.   My next job was selling t-shirts on Venice Beach with a friend who’s parents had an airbrushed t-shirt business.  Once I turned 16 I was a union worker as a box girl/grocery bagger at Lucky Market in Westchester.  Then I worked as a hostess then waitress in many restaurants.  And so on and so on. I have always worked. Thirty-three years later, still working.

Granted, I am incredibly fortunate to have a job that allows me to work from home.  Have you tried working from home?  It isn’t easy.  Working from home may not require fancy work clothes and make up but it does take strong focus and discipline.  Not everyone has the opportunity to work from home, but in today’s virtual world, working remotely is becoming more available and more common.

In the end I decided the Wal-Mart guy was just wack-o.  Just in case my image is sending the wrong message, I scheduled a hair appointment tomorrow night.  It is never wise to judge a book by its cover (or a girl in her yoga pants), but sometimes the book needs to spruce up the cover.  A good haircut is the answer to everything.


The Calm After the Storm June 25, 2013

Today was the rainbow day as the result of yesterday’s storm.  Only it rained today too. In spite of and in the midst of the rain, we unloaded a third of our boxes off the trailer that arrived via Amtrak last night. Progress!  Still a lot of unpacking and “where are we going to put this?”, cleaning and working toward getting our lives back in order.

The United States Postal Service is functioning well and forwarding our mail as pre-arranged. Tuesday is trash pick up day, a big life adjustment from our previous Thursday pick up.

Trace is feeling much better and enjoyed his first practice with FC Spokane.  Meeting the coach and putting a face with the voice, emails and texts for the first time was great.  Trace met a couple of kids that he will attend middle school with so things are looking up for him tremendously from yesterday.  He managed to get invited to a birthday party tomorrow where he’ll meet more middle school kids.  Thank you kind soccer mom for the invite and for understanding the pressures 12-year-olds face with a big move.

Andre met some kids at the school playground who are playing in Hoopfest this weekend.  Andre is more basketball obsessed than usual.  He wants to join a league and start planning his own 3-man for next year. Yes!

Niko is mellow as usual.  Just cruising wherever life takes him, checking the sights, jumping around like a loon.  All is well.

Vince played nice and work went smoothly.

Tonight we decided to see if Spokane could offer up good Mexican food.  Thanks to a little Yelp help, we found Hacienda Las Flores. Don’t let the exterior fool you, this dive offered fantastic meals that rivaled some of the best Mexican food we’ve ever had in Southern California.  Check that box, we have found a go-to Mexican restaurant!  Woo! Could there be others?

The icing on my cupcake of a day was when I received a compliment on an old outfit I wore today.  I’ll quote my friend Lita who said when she started a new job “my old clothes are new to them”!

Kid happiness is mom happiness.  What a difference a day makes.  Today was the calm after yesterday’s storm. Perhaps we just treaded more softly around each other, helping without complaining, or just being aware of each other’s needs.

I didn’t get the Summer Fun schedule planned today but we all contributed some great ideas.

With a little time and patience things come together nicely. Good thing.  These blow-by-blow accounts of my days is not why I’m writing these blog posts.  Trust that this move will sometime end (sooner than later I hope) so the writing, the stories, and adventures will improve.

Thanks for subscribing, following and reading.  I really appreciate your support…and tolerance.


Through Our Children’s Eyes June 24, 2013

This summer is no fun, at least through our children’s eyes.

First,  we rip them away from everything and everyone they know.  We force them to participate in the arduous task of moving.  We strap them in the car for 20+ hours, sitting next to each other, looking at each other, torturing each other, and, yes, torturing us. As soon as we arrive, we spend the entire weekend working to unload the trailer, clean the house and garage and begin getting settled. Their only hope for fun was for internet hookup on Monday to distract their misery with Minecraft.

Trace was looking forward to his first day at soccer academy today with FC Spokane, his new soccer team.  With the preceding week filled with so much hard work, hotel germs, poor diet and emotional damage, he started playing strong and lasted about 45 minutes before his stomach gave way and he got sick. He was really impressed with the Indoor Soccer Center and trainer and hopes he’s well enough for regular practice tomorrow on the field and academy again on Wednesday.  A rough start with his new team.

Niko and Andre are bored senseless.  They are not inspired or motivated to play in the rain.  They haven’t seen one kid in the neighborhood that isn’t a baby (the memory of playing soccer with some kids on Saturday is completely erased from their minds).  Andre said and I quote, “there is probably no chance I’ll ever make any friends here”.

Today, Vince and I  had to work as we would any Monday.   This was our first “real” Monday of summer.  The kids are bored and whiney and we’re losing our minds.  Yeah, summer! Ugh.  Vince and I are also temporarily sharing an office for about a week until he’s finished modifying his space to his grandiose specifications.  Read this correctly, I’m low maintenance, he is high maintenance.  We survived Monday.

Tonight at dinner, along with a great meal of homemade chicken and rice stew to heal the ailing and provide comfort in rainy weather, I served french bread and strawberry jam.  Trace sighed, “oh, it’s not homemade bread”.  Niko looked at the jam and said, “it’s not homemade strawberry jam either”.  I nearly fell off my chair. Did they not see me busting my butt all weekend?  Did they not see me working all day today? Do they not realize I have a skillet, a pot and a grand total of three cooking utensils?  I held it together while Vince calmly reminded them that we are still in transition mode.  We’re still getting settled, he told them, while he looked at me to concur that store bought bread and jam are temporary.  Spoiled brats every one of them and I’m outnumbered.  I’m convinced they only keep me around so they are well fed.

Well fed they are and will be.  Fun will be had. Where Vince and I have already found Spokane to be great with every experience, Spokane has nothing to offer the kids, at least through their eyes and gathered from their comments. Woe is them.

Patience and planning is all that’s needed.  I only planned up to the move.  Now the kids are staring at us for entertainment and I’ve got nothing to offer.   What was I thinking? The kids lack of patience definitely comes from me.  I, too, want my oompah loompah now.  Tomorrow we are planning our Summer Fun schedule.   Our family day camp will be open for business and fully operational soon.  Advertures await!

Correction:  Reading the Inlander, Spokane’s weekly rag, today, I realized I made a mistake in an earlier post that Hoopfest was scheduled for the weekend we moved to Spokane 6/20 & 6/21.  Wrong!  Phew, we didn’t miss a thing.  Hoopfest is scheduled for this upcoming weekend June 29 & 30.

Feel free to fact check me and correct my errors.


Your Junk is Someone Else’s Treasure June 23, 2013

We’re still in moving mode.  On Saturday we managed to unload the trailer and unpack all of the boxes.  We had two casualties, a broken vase, a broken dinner plate. We were spent by the end of the day.  None of our boxes have arrived via Amtrak yet so we today we took on the project of going through all the stuff the previous owner left in the basement storage, the attic and garage.  We knew she was leaving things behind, stuff specific to the house and stuff she didn’t feel like dealing with and today we learned why.

I truly believe that someone’s elses junk is another person’s treasure.  I love some of the treasures we found today.  Franciscan ware china, McCoy pottery, vintage tablecloths and a bunch of other awesome stuff.  Our youngest has given up eating meals with a fork, opting instead to eat with the sword serving picks.  He hasn’t stabbed himself in the back of the throat, yet.  On the flip side, a lot of someone else’s treasures were left too, things that didn’t suit our taste, style or need.  We spent out Sunday loading the trailer with trash and debris.  The car was completely filled from passenger seat to trunk with reusable treasures to Goodwill.

On Saturday we did take a break and went to Manito Park.  The park is beautiful and we just rode bikes around and checked out the sights.  One thing we have never seen in ALL of Southern California that we saw yesterday was a group of at least twenty people, dressed in medieval/martial art attire playing some sort of sword fight. The swords and shields were fake but they were whacking each other.  There seemed to be some sort of structure to the game but I couldn’t decipher the play.  Fascinating none the less.  The sword fight added to our son’s eating with swords.  We avoided swords and opted for watching hockey and eating burgers at Waddell’s, which we found thanks to Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, for dinner.

No breaks for the weary today which is why my post is so late.  I have visited my local Trader Joe’s twice this weekend and staked my claim as a regular.  Each visit, the cashier asked what I’ve done this weekend.  My reply was honest, “My family and I just moved from Southern California on Friday” which spurred big welcomes and lengthy conversation about the weather, the great city of Spokane and convincing declarations that we’ll love it here.  Trader Joe’s wins Spokane Ambassador awards for being so welcoming and friendly.  Here’s something interesting to ponder, in Orange County Trader Joe’s will give kids a lollipop if they find the hidden Angels Baseball Rally Monkey.  In Spokane, a stuffed Sasquatch is hidden.  Kids tell the cashier they found the stuffed beast and the cashier yells “Sassy!”, which spurs all of the cashiers to yell out “Sasquatch”!  The Trader Joe’s mostly have the same foodstuffs available, with the only really noticeable difference was the bread section.  No more sprouted sesame bagels, 8 plus 2 bread or buttermilk bread.  As if I need any of it, but I was fascinated by the new bread options.  Hawaiian bagels, sour rye, local baked breads and pastries.  YUM!

Tonight, with the help of Trader Joe’s, we had our first home cooked meal.  A simple, chicken-veggie-pasta creation that was somewhat of a challenge to cook since my breakables have arrived but our unbreakables – like my pans and cooking utensils – have note arrived.  Thanks to the good fortune of some camping pots and cast iron pans left behind, I was able to pull together a meal.  We ate on dinner plates with plastic utensils.  Classy it was not, but the meal, thanks to our hard work and other’s cast-offs, was delicious.

No boxes yet today, but internet is installed tomorrow…progress!


We Made It! June 22, 2013

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Yes, we made it. We are home.

We passed the best sign in Oregon, “crossing the 45th parallel. You are halfway between the equator and the North Pole.” Awesome.

We honked as we crossed the Columbia River and entered Washington.

Then we drove into the driveway of our new home.

At our final goodbye at the park, one of my friends asked what was our plan for the coming week. Not able to see past 1237 miles to cover in three days, I didn’t have an answer.
The radio provided the answer:

Hold on, to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although this wave is stringing us along
Just know you’re not alone
I’m going to make this house your home.

Settle down, it will all be clear
Don’t pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost you can always be found.

Just know you’re not alone
I’m going to make this house your home.

-Home lyrics, Philip Phillips

My work is cut out for me.


Oregon! June 21, 2013

We have officially left California after what was truly the longest day of the year.  There is nothing like driving with a 7-year-old (and his whole package of emotions, nonsense and hilarity) at 60 mph (who knew I could drive so slow?) looking at the back of a trailer for roughly 600 miles.  The tire issue with the trailer offset our schedule along with stopping for a sit down Mexican food lunch in Williows, and an ice cream break and gas fill up in Redding.

Though this wasn’t our first trip to Lake Shasta/Mount Shasta area, the natural beauty never ceases to amaze.  Andre, our 7-year-old, had to call his friend to tell him about all the beautiful trees and lakes and the otherwise “totally long and boring” all day car ride. If Andre is inspired to discuss anything than video games, pay attention.

We missed the chance to take a photo of Weed, next 3 exits and at the Oregon border.  At those points it wasn’t about the journey, it was about covering as much ground in daylight as possible.

Oregon is beautiful.  We drove the 97 from Weed, CA to Bend, OR.  Nothing but trees, lakes, rivers, truckers, campers and us on the road. We had another slight glitch last night.  The gas gauge on the suburban broke.  One minute it read 1/2 tank, the next it was screaming E.  It wouldn’t have been any big deal if we were anywhere near civilization, or near anywhere that stayed open past 8 PM.  It also wouldn’t have been a big deal if my darling husband remembered, or wrote down, his mileage when he filled up last. With none of these boxes checked, Vince did the next best thing.  He pulled into the first mom & pop RV campground/general store/gas station we saw and knocked on the door of their residence and asked them to open up so he could get some gas.  Are you surprised?  Me, just another day in the life . The best part was that the wife had to come out, open up and pump the gas.  Vince didn’t know that in Oregon there is no self-service at the gas pump, only full service, after hours included.  The suburban, it turned out, had plenty of gas to get us to Bend, but we felt much better knowing.  Be proud of me, I did not once say any unkind, are you freaking kidding me, what the hell comments to Vince like…hello…we’re on a road trip…monitoring gas levels is essential. Nor did I call him a dumbass (out loud).

We woke to 50 degrees and rain in the forecast from here to Spokane.  A perfect welcome to the Inland Northwest.  We are definitely not in Southern California anymore.  I wish I would have packed shoes other than my flip-flops.  All is fair in love and war…dumbasses unite.  Yes, Vince and I are a pair.

Today is the day we arrive at our new home.  We can’t wait.  In fact, the others are yelling at me to think and type faster so we can get on the road. Gotta roll…