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When Life Imitates Art April 30, 2012

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As you know from prior posts, I’m reading from the LA & NY Times Bestseller lists.  These lists are humbling as it is not humanly possible to keep up with the ever changing weekly updates to the lists.  According to the log I began to keep track of all the updates, I currently have over 180 books to read.  I’ve read 39 so far.  I don’t pick and choose from the bestseller lists, I request the books from my local library and, for a bargain price of fifty cents, they pull and hold the book for me to pick up. One of the recent books that I have read is The 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno.   

I grew up a high energy, string bean kid.  Thanks to my five foot ten frame and great metabolism, I never had a weight problem. The past 6 years have changed what I took for granted.   Life happens, things change and bim badda bing, I’m thirty pounds heavier than I should be.  Super bummer.  AND the past seven gruelling months of recovering from foot surgery and injury have taken its toll and turned my, at least, fit but heavy bod, into flab. As in flabulous.  Ugh.

Reading The 17 Day Diet got my attention.  17 days of low carbs from fruits and vegetables only, no starches, probiotics and plenty of protein.  Totally do-able.  I decided to try the diet and let my life imitate art.

Though my pescatarian (ovo-lacoto vegetarian + fish) diet has been working well for me, I thought I’d have to incorporate chicken to maintain the protein levels since beans are a starch on this plan.  I ate chicken one night, which didn’t sit well, so I’m sticking with the pescatarian diet. 

Five days into the diet, I have lost 6.5 pounds and I feel great.  The first weekend was tough, as I live with too many cookie monsters and I have no will power.  I caved of course but got back on the wagon and added time to my work out.  I am working out every day.

The diet takes more than 17 days.  The title is a simple bait and lure. It is a 51 day plan broken into three 17 day segments.  After the first 17 day “accelerate” phase, you transition into the “activate” phase, then the “achieve” phase.  At this point you “arrive” at your desired weight or you start over at the beginning.  As with all diets, the goal is to change your nasty habits that make you fat into good healthy habits. 

Which points me to another great book on the lists – The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.  Not only is my life imating art, everything is connected.

Unfortunately life is not just desserts  as it would be in my perfect world, will power and good habits prove to be  the protein and vegetables life requires.

Change is good.


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