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T-19 No Bounty May 31, 2013

We have yet to move, but I already miss – my garden.  In order to move, we had to rip out the garden and plant grass to make the area look more (boring, like wasted space, and failing are words that come to mind) …cohesive.

I have cousins reaping 30+ pounds of asparagus in Michigan!  Friends are spending time at the nurseries to pick just the right plants, planting and watering ready to reap what they sow! Oh how I long to dig in the dirt, plot and plan and watch it grow. Flowers, vegetables and fruit, I miss it all.

That’s not entirely true.  I don’t miss pulling weeds or having to get up early to work in the garden before the temperatures rise.  Or figuring out what is wrong with a plant or what bug or rodent is chowing down on whatever is growing. There are definite parts of gardening that I don’t miss.

Spokane has a shorter growing season than Southern California and I’ll have to adapt.  The first year we will be without a true garden, maybe I’ll be able to manage to get something planted if I act soon.  Next spring, though, I have big plans.

Share your gardening adventures with me!  What have you planted?  What do you plan to grow?  Let me live through you.


One Response to “T-19 No Bounty”

  1. JillSchwab Says:

    Rider is really into his garden because that is what they did in his Kindergarten class. So we went and got the seeds and prepared the ground. You know how much room we have left over after the pool right? So we prepared what little ground we had available. We have carrots and onions in our palm tree pots and corn along the back wall. Then we planted a few pumpkins and watermelon plants, because that is what Rider wanted the most! And those have taken over our backyard, literally!!! We have so many flowers on those plants its almost scary! His corn was attacked by some animal in the night, so we only have 3 remaining stalks left, but the carrots and onions are huge as well!! We didnt plant tomatoes or zuchini because we are also helping grandpa with his garden and those are over there!! Ha!! I am so glad that Mrs. Dey inspired Rider’s love of gardening!! It truely is fun!!

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