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My Daily Blog T-14 Zelda before Zelda June 5, 2013

My husband once told me that my outfit made me look like Zelda.  Who is Zelda?  I had no idea what who he was referring to so I consulted my good friends on the internet. Turns out that The Adventures of Zelda is a Nintendo action, adventure and puzzle solving game.  Who knew? Princess Zelda is this elfin person that wears white and pink robes and a crown.  Definitely not the outfit I was sporting the day I earned the Zelda comment.  Turns out, a main protagonist in The Adventures of Zelda is Link, a character that wears belted green tunic, leggings and boots, similar to the belted sweater, tights and boots I wore that day. Apparently my husband doesn’t know the game either.  The Links (there are multiple of similarly dressed characters with the same name) have cool titles “Hero of Time” and “Hero Chosen By the Gods” to name two.   I was dressed like some clone characters, possibly a hero of some sort, but not her royal highness Princess Zelda.

While waiting with my daughter at the oral surgeon yesterday, she asked what book I brought to read while she was knocked out. I said, “Zelda”.  “Oh,” she said, “a book about the video game”?  What is it with this game? I went on to tell her that the book is titled Z: the novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler.  The Zelda before Zelda. Having both seen the 2103 movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby recently and having both read the book as part of her high school reading list, she was well versed in F. Scott Fitzgerald. We touched briefly on his wife, Zelda, before my daughter was called back to have her wisdom teeth removed.

Seventeen chapters still wait to be read in Z.  I am completely engrossed in this book.  I love the Jazz Age, the roaring 20’s in both America and in Europe and the commingling of incredible artists.  Does this happen today?  The Fitzgerald’s lives were wild and reckless and make for fantastic reading! Z also delves into or touches on the lives of other writers and artists like Hemingway and Picasso. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain is about Hemingway’s first wife Hadley Richardson.  I enjoyed this book and find myself drawn into the relationships between the Hemingways and the Fitzgeralds. Woody Allen’s movie Midnight in Paris depicts the relationships as well.  Zelda makes a meaningful appearance in the movie, in true form.

Of the 36 chapters read, Zelda is a young woman trying to find herself and develop her talents.  Dancing, painting and writing are explored as she grows in the book. I strive for personal growth and appreciate Zelda’s efforts.  I paint.  I write.  Just the other day, I thought I’d start taking dance classes to change-up my workouts (and lack thereof).

Both Zelda’s seem fun. Whether your hobby is video games or reading or watching movies, I recommend checking out the Zelda’s.

Did you know that The Great Gatsby is only 50,000 words?  Only.  This post is 512 words.  I’m on my way.


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