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My Daily Blog T-13 Act of Kindness June 6, 2013

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Yesterday, in response to tweeting my blog post T-14, I received a tweet reply from a local Spokane guy that describes himself as an “Aspiring Coffee Geek – Hashtag Enthusiast – Photobomb Artist – I’m taller than I look in my bio photo! What do I really do? …”.  Turns out he’s a well-connected New Media Marketing Strategist (whatever that is) that is kind enough to reach out and connect me with other Spokane tweeps. YES!

After connecting with a few people, I told my husband that I’m already making friends in Spokane. He gave me a raised eyebrow look so I told him of my twitter action.  My husband is not a fan of social media as he believes it to be a total time suck.  Keep in mind he doesn’t do in person “social” much, he has his core group of friends but social only happens when he has to, thanks to his chatty well-connected wife.  He is completely capable, a very nice man, intelligent with big ideas and lots to say with no tolerance for small talk and inability for remembering anyone’s name. I, on the other hand, my husband quickly reminds me after I tell my story, am a freak magnet. Maybe just a people magnet with a strong pull toward the bizarre. In all fairness, I repel people too typically because I overwhelm them but that’s a discussion for another blog post. My husband goes back to whatever he was doing with the advice to proceed with caution.

He knows better.  Caution and I are not the best of friends.  Jumping in with both feet is more my style. It is Twitter, 140 characters or less, I’m safe, jump.  I conversed with Mr. Spokane a bit and followed all the Spokane people and joined the Spokane groups he recommended.  It took all of ten minutes.

A simple act of kindness, a short tweet exchange was just so NICE.  I tried to remember the last random act of kindness I had given or done for someone. I can honestly report that while in moving mode, it hasn’t been recently.  Note to self:  get back on track with giving.

@DoyleWheeler, thank you for your act of kindness, for connecting me with Spokane and for reminding me the importance of reaching out and helping others.

Go out and give!

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