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My Daily Blog: T-3 Bare Necessities June 16, 2013

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canyon inn

You may think bare necessities to me mean rich soil, good seeds, fresh water and plenty of sun.  This could be true if you only know me as a gardener. Or bare necessities could mean flour, sugar, butter and eggs.  This too would be true if you only know me as a baker.  Know me well and you have enjoyed some “bare necessities, the simple bare necessities of life” (The Jungle Book, Disney Bare Necessities lyrics).  Friends, a good dive bar, a good band and beer are some bare necessities everyone should have in their life.

Last night (actually this morning, right now, at 12:57 AM when I write this), we had a final GNO – girls night out.  The event was sparked when we learned that one of the local families owned the sports bar, Canyon Inn in Yorba Linda – the only bar in Yorba Linda.  We decided we HAD to go and check it out, after all , Canyon Inn was on the show, Bar Rescue, it is famous.

My friends were invited, a bunch of ridiculously fun and hilarious women. to have a Saturday night out in Yorba Linda, the land of gracious living. At the door, the bouncer told us there was a $5 cover charge since they were showing the UFC fights.  If they said $50 cover and we’ll turn this brutality off, we would have paid (future insight to our owner friend).  Gathering that we 40 something MILFs (don’t spit in your cheerios.  Someone we know called us this lately, specifically that we are in MILFdom- have someone explain if you don’t know this acronym, I’m trying to keep this blog PG), we were not their regular clientele. We paid the $5.

Canyon Inn has plenty of TVs showing plenty of UFC wrestling, hockey and baseball games.  We stood out like sore thumbs.  No tables were available so we grabbed a couple of lonely bar stools against the back wall.  The bouncers jumped into action and moved the two pool tables out-of-the-way and magically created more seating and an impromptu dance floor.  Before we knew it, an awesome 80’s cover band, Flash Pants, was on the stage.  Who knew?!  We thought we were just meeting for drinks, then we got bitch slapped with some UFC and then we’re rocking with an 80’s band.  That was just the first hour.

Before we go any further, let’s define dive bar.  A dive bar must have the following characteristics to truly be great:  1) located in a retail strip center, 2) bouncers, 3)smells like stale beer, 4) waitresses walking around with shots for sale but no drink service, must order drinks from bar and 5) my favorite, the most random people seem to be the regulars.  Canyon Inn is a sports bar, they have televisions showing sports.  Canyon Inn meets all of the above requirements to be a good dive bar.  It happens to be one of the best dive bars I’ve visited in a long time. What a gem!  In Yorba Linda, practically my backyard!  Why is it that three days before we move, this is the first time I’ve been here?  Probably a good thing, but who else is missing out on this hot spot?

Gathering with my girlfriends, drinking beer, singing along and dancing to classic 80’s hits, checking out all the fun folks out for the night and watching old drunk men pick up on my friends made for a hilariously fun evening. I’m not sad that it’s over. I’m sad we didn’t get together more during the past 6 years while I was here.  I am thankful for last night, it was great to get together with everyone.  Thanks Terri for providing the awesome Canyon Inn for our GNO.

Added to my Spokane must find list:  best dive bar with live music.  Suggestions?




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