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Eviction Notice Served June 28, 2013

At one point today, I found myself working from the kitchen table.  Vince has become too comfortable with his temporary makeshift office housed in my office space.  It wouldn’t be bad, sharing an office, but he talks SO loud on the phone, doesn’t like music, or at least my music, and doesn’t appreciate my commentary to whatever he’s doing or my fun conversations with my colleagues. Go figure. You’d think he’d get up and work elsewhere, but no.  So today I gave my husband a generous ten days to get his office in order and move his crap out of my space.

Calmly and rationally (my head wasn’t spinning and I wasn’t shouting) I told him that I needed my space and he really needed to be completely out within 10 days. Eviction notice served. He totally agreed.  Shazam, just like that, I will be in my office soon.  I’m in my office now, writing this post, with Andre, age 7, on my lap talking to me incessantly about Minecraft.  Boxes of all shapes and sizes are lined up against one wall as not only is this room my office, it is also the guest room and houses our exercise bike.  My plans include storing all of my sewing and craft stuff in here too.  An action packed room and all totally possible. The reality is that I’ll never be alone.

When and if the office ever becomes mine, all mine, I will post a photo.  Until then, I’ll do my best to be patient and understanding as my high maintenance husband figures out his space, which by the way, isn’t office-slash-anything. He needs his space. So do we.  The days of sharing an office with my husband may be numbered but I’m thankful daily that we’re both able to work remotely, from home.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking of my friends in the Southwest, broiling in this heat wave.  You could feel the increase in temperature here in Spokane today but the heat is only beginning to soar.  I don’t do well in the heat.  Highs to 104 on Tuesday.  Eek!  Nothing compared to the desert temps I know.  Stay cool! Stay hydrated!

Tomorrow morning we pick up the last of our boxes shipped via Amtrak. Have I mentioned I’m never moving again?  Packing and moving is one thing, unpacking and getting settled is another mess all together.  Trying to put your stuff in a new house is really a game of putting square pegs into round holes.  We’ll get it done, but after our first week, the work that still remains is daunting.  With the heat, I don’t want to do any of it.  I’m hoping we go jump in the lake this weekend.  Doesn’t that sound better than unpacking boxes?

I just started reading Franny & Zooey but JD Salinger, left behind by the previous owners,  A book that I have never read.  What book are you reading?  Jumping in the lake, reading a book, drinking an ice-cold beverage and relaxing is what I look forward too most this weekend.

TGIF, this office is closed.







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