the hyphens that define my life

Trouble Right Here in River City July 6, 2013

Yes, Right here in River City we had trouble and it start’s with T which rhymes with…well that may have worked for the Music Man but has no bearing on our evening.  Maybe it does.  T rhymes with C and that stands for Car. The demon of our evening.

Our plan for our evening out was to visit some local furniture stores to see what we could see, grab some dinner and then see Lone Ranger at River Park Square AMC 20.  The kids didn’t shred the furniture stores or make the salespeople crazy or beg for some obscure piece insisting we NEED it.  So far, so good.  We ventured from my meal plan and ate dinner out, trying Luigi’s Italian Restaurant for the first time.  Again, so far, so good.  We left the restaurant and walked to the mall and movie theatre, stopping to catch a few-to-ten laps of the Lilac City Twilight Criterium.  Awesome.  Also on our route, we passed in front of the North Face store, one of Vince’s all time favorite brands.  Not only did we stop, we had to take advantage of their 30-50% off mega sale.  Let’s just say the boys have rain jackets should it ever rain.

Note:  locals have mentioned Spokane has two seasons, Winter and July.

Back to my story.  After our brief shopping spree, we make the 8:15 showing of Lone Ranger at the AMC 20.  Opening weekend, my SoCal programming tells me the theatre will be packed.  Not even close. Score!  We enjoyed the movie, walked the few blocks through a relatively quiet downtown to our car to find the battery dead.

Car trouble is a total buzz kill after a great night out with the family.  Really, at any time, but when you have tired kids and a tired mom, definitely a buzz kill.

We jumped the battery and let it charge for 20 minutes or so.  We then made it three-quarters of a mile before the battery dies again.  The battery is clearly not holding a charge.  The battery is less than a year old so Vince is saying something about the alternator or the regulator has gone out.  This, of course is another language to me.  Thankfully, he was driving.  We pull over again, get another jump and drive the remaining mile and a half before the battery dies again, right in front of our house.

Let’s count our blessings.  We made it home safe.  The battery and the rest of the damn car made it 1237 miles  without issue, less than 2 weeks ago.  I love my husband’s mechanical abilities.  Only the fingers on my right hand are crossed (hidden behind my back) so that the car dies and I get a new one (my car is a 1998 Audi A6 wagon.  I love it, it has been good to me, but it has enough issues that “no car payment” isn’t completely justifying ownership for me much longer). Lastly, this blog post is completed at 11:50 PM keeping me on track with my goal to blog daily.  YES!

Good night.

Editorial comment – Spokane is known as River City and Lilac City.  The Lilac City Twilight Criterion was awesome to see and I’ll post about that event, with photos in the morning.


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