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Bicycle! Bicycle! July 7, 2013

There is a lot going on in Spokane!  We moved here so that is an event with a big star on the calendar in itself.  Spokane Hoopfest was the last weekend in June.  July 4th extravaganzas throughout the country the following week.  This weekend, unbeknownst to us (hey we just got here), we walked right into the midst of the Lilac City Twilight Criterion. At the time of discovery, we did not know what was going on other than an obvious bike race.  Internet powers activated, we learned that the “Crit” is a 0.79 mile race through downtown streets raced counterclockwise with six turns and is sponsored by Spokane Rocket Velo.

The first event is a kids race at 6:45 PM, which we didn’t see but think this could be great for our boys next year.  We did see some moms with kids and bikes spread out on the sidewalk outside of The Pizza Oven restaurant waiting for their pizzas. The kids were decked out in race shirts, riding their BMX bikes.  Perfect.

Men’s and Women’s age groups then follow.  The best event to see would be the Men’s event at 8 PM as it is the fastest race of the night.  With our shopping and movie agenda, we missed this race.  Again, next year.

The night ends with a Citizen’s RagTag Rally, an open event for everyday folks to ride their bikes around downtown Spokane while the streets are blocked off to through traffic.  Both the Kids event and RagTag Rally are free.  Way to give back Spokane Rocket Velo!

I took video of the event but I’m unable to upload the video.  Sure, WordPress’s ad videos can be shown, but not my video. Hmph.

The only casualty I heard about, none witnessed, was told to me by the North Face salesman.  He said, and I repeat, that a woman was oblivious to the race and ignored the caution taped off corners and walked into the race course with oncoming cyclists.  Apparently people were yelling at her but she paid no heed.  A cyclist clipped the jaywalker with his handlebars, did not fall, and continued the race.  The woman’s status is unknown but I’m certain she’s going to have a bruise.  Pay attention people!

From my research I’ve learned that Spokane hosts Spokefest on September 8, 2013.  This piece was copied from the website:  in celebrating the joy of cycling, the beauty of Spokane,healthy lifestyles and the environment. Last year over 2,000 cyclists of every age and ability took part in the fifth annual SpokeFest! Help us make this SpokeFest an even bigger celebration, so get out your wheels and join us. This ride has something for every rider, from the racers to the folks dusting off bikes for the first time this year.

The “Crit” is not my style of cycling.  Spokefest has my name all over it.  Spokefest offers four courses.  I have my sights set on a 20-mile ride from Riverfront Park to 9 Mile Falls that is billed as covering some of Spokane’s most beautiful riding.

I have a slight problem though.  Remember when we had a huge yard sale and sold all of our stuff?  Vince decided we needed new bikes and pulled all of the bikes out of the garage to sell.  After selling one bike, mine, he changed his mind and put all the bikes back into the garage.  Vince then went out and bought BMX/trick bikes for himself and the boys, adding to our bicycle collection yet still no bike for me.  Clearly, you see where I rate in this house.

Seems that I need to go buy me a bike.


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