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Birthday Week July 11, 2013

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My mother and my mother-in-law both celebrate their birthdays this week.  My mother in law’s birthday is today, 7/11 and my mom’s birthday is 7/14.  Both are “holidays”.

Could there be a better day to have your birthday in the summer than on 7-11 day?  The day wehn 7-11 gives away free slurpies?  My kids think a birthday today is awesome.  Did you get your free slurpie today in honor of my mother in law’s birthday?

My mom’s birthday is on 7/14, not free slurpy day, but Bastille Day.  What is Bastille Day?  I had no idea, so I looked it up.  Bastille Day is called Bastille Day by English speaking countries.  In France, today is La Fete Nationale, the National Celebration of France. Vive la France.  Only my mom lives in Washington, in the good ole USA with no Bastille’s Fete’s or Vives.

I won’t spend time with either mother on their birthday but I hope they both know how much they are loved and celebrated and appreciated.

We had a great party for my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday last year.  This photo and bonfire from her 80 candles captures the moment.


I love my mom’s high school graduation photo, she hasn’t aged. 😉



Happy Birthdays!


One Response to “Birthday Week”

  1. Shelley Jones Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the photos, especially the one of your mommy! Bastille Day originates from the day that marked the start of the French Revolution. Tons of revolutionaries stormed the Bastille (a French prison), setting some prisoners free, killing some guards and burning it down. Much like our own Independence Day, it has morphed into the more general celebration of the country of France. Miss you much! 🙂

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