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Slackers July 15, 2013

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We have become slackers.  Not as our normal every day lie around the house doing nothing slacker selves. We are new and improved slackers.

We were inspired to become slackers at the Spokane Hoopfest when this guy, inside the mall, 4 or 5 stories high, walked a slack line across the length of the atrium with a crowd, including us, below.


Truth be told, I am not inspired to be a slacker, but my 9-year-old, Niko, definitely wants to be a slacker.

I don’t honestly know that people who walk slacklines are called slackers, but I think it is the perfect moniker.  According to, “slacklining is the sport of walking a small, flat nylon rope between two points. It is practiced in the backyard, on college campuses and city parks, and even 3000 feet above the ground. Some people do it for fun, others for the obvious athletic benefits, and others still for a meditative purpose, in seeking a higher state of mind. Since slacklining’s development in the late 1970s, slacklining has grown into an international craze, and is a common and popular pastime within the outdoor community.”

Today we (meaning Vince) went out with Niko to REI to purchase a slackline to suspend 15 feet between two trees in our back yard, 1-1/2 feet off the ground, so we all (meaning Vince and the boys) can practice being slackers.  I am more of the lets hang a hammock between the trees and really slack off  but the distance is too great between the pines and I missed my calling as a slacker.

Three feet above the slackline, Vince rigged a guide rope so the kids can hold onto until they gain their balance walking the slackline.

Niko is pretty good for a first timer with Trace quickly getting the hang of it.  Andre, unable to test drive the slack line due to his broken arm, heckles their attempts.  I missed seeing Vince’s turn on the line and thankfully, he missed mine.

Of course I tried!  I was the closest I’ve ever been to being a Weeble.  True to form, Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.  The slack line was whipping back and forth and I held onto the guide rope for survival.  Niko was not impressed with my performance.  He pointed out that I’m probably too out of shape for the slack line.  Thanks kid, you know how to make a girl feel good.  Ah well, he’s not far from the truth.

Where will the slack line get us? Hopefully not over some bottomless chasm or at the top of a circus tent, or a mall.  Most likely a fun summertime challenge for all, myself included.



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