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Staycation August 12, 2013

Not that I’m counting but school starts in 3 weeks. Yes, twenty-one  days left to make the most of summer before doing back flips when the the kids go back to school.  I love having my kids home, don’t get me wrong.  We have tons of fun during summer.  I am not looking forward to the homework, the drama, the tears, the fights, the germs and freak out that come with school in session.  What I’m looking forward to is six solid hours of peace while the kids are in school, where I do not have to be the cruise director on this house’s ship of summer fun. I’ll wash their clothes, pack their lunches, remind them to take all of there stuff with them to school so someone else can plan their days.  Summer, as fun as it is, takes a lot out of me.  I need a vacation.

I mentioned this to my husband the other night who too quickly reminded me that our move to Spokane was our vacation and to enjoy the new house.  Buzz kill.  The Spokesman Review, the local Spokane newspaper we have delivered daily, mentioned a Staycation promotion by local business for families, such as ours, that can’t afford to get away.  Local businesses give residents discounts to enjoy a Spokane Staycation.  This is the perfect option for us as we are new to the area, we look at the city and surrounding areas first with tourist eyes then with, hey wow we live here reactions.

My son, Trace, has his 12-year-old buddy from Southern California coming to visit on Wednesday for a week.    Trace can hardly wait.  His friend may be excited but I hope he realizes he’s going from having one brother in California to having three brothers in Washington.  Talk about culture shock, not to mention having me as his mother, the boy just might not get on the plane.  We are luring Trace’s friend with a week chock full of Spokane’s finest activities that includes everything from Riverside Park and 9-Mile-Falls; a Peach Festival up at Green Bluff, WA to Silverwood/Boulder Beach in Idaho to tubing/wakeboard/waterskiiing/boating/paddleboarding on the Spokane River and Lake Coeur D’Alene; Riverfront Park and downtown activities; and bicycle rides to and through Manito Park.  Good times ahead!  Honestly, why do we need to go anywhere? 

Of course, leaving on a jet plane is always good.  Someone serving me food and drinks would be nice.  A kids club would be fantastic too.   Do you hear Club Med calling my name?  Listen.  I hear it, I really do.  That’s what I need, an all-inclusive vacation where I don’t have to think, just unplug and relax.  Ooh.  Ultimate buzz kill.  I just checked Club Med’s website.  For my family of six to go on an all inclusive, air-included, week long vacation to Cancun before school starts is…well let’s just say, cost prohibitive to the tune of nine grand-plus.  You may have nine grand lying around to spend on one week of vacation splurge, I don’t.  A great deal but not for us this summer.

A Spokane Staycation is perfect for us.  Good thing we think so.


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