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To the Park! August 13, 2013

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When the temperatures reach the mid-90’s, the last thing I want to do is exercise.  Heat makes me want to lounge like a lizard on a rock.  Tonight, after dinner and dishes were done, the boys wanted to bust out their bicycles and ride to Manito Park.  Dumb kids, don’t they know it’s hot? They were motivated by their idea of stopping at The Park Bench, a small cafe in the center of the park, for ice cream before heading home.  Not a bad plan, in fact, I love any plan that involves ice cream, so I agreed to go. 

Hold on.  Do you remember when we had our garage sale before we moved and my husband wanted to sell the bikes but only sold mine before changing his mind?  My bike has yet to be replaced.  The boys all jumped on their bikes and pedaled west to the park leaving me to run to keep up. 

Did I mention the temperature was in the 90’s?  Did I mention we just ate dinner?  UGH!!  Have you ever had a bike gang be your pace setter?  I didn’t try to catch them, my goal was to only keep them in sight.  Thankfully they followed instruction to stop at the one light.

By the time I caught up with the boys I was dripping with sweat (hey, I’m working out here!).  The boys were parked in front of The Park Bench with sad sweaty faces because The Park Bench closes at 7 and we were late.  That’s not even the worst of it.  The trip there is mostly downhill.  The trip home is mostly uphill.  We all moped and moaned up every hill encouraged only by the promise that when we got home, I’d run to the store and pick up our favorite Ben & Jerry flavors. 

Two and a half miles, 313 calories burned (thank you Endomondo app) and I was barely allowed a drink of water before they harangued me into heading out to the store as promised.

Have you ever gone into a grocery store in your running gear, still hot and sweaty from your run and bought five pints of ice cream?  You should try it, the looks and reactions you get from people is awesome.  I only wish just one would comment.  This isn’t my first post-run ice cream run and won’t be my last, maybe someone will say something next time. 

Until then, no matter the temperature outside, I go where my kids want to go.  Hopefully, ice cream is involved.


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