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Aero-post August 21, 2013

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Anyone can blog, just sign up and start typing.  Blogging can occur anywhere.  I mainly blog in my pajamas just before going to bed, or, occasionally, as I enjoy my first cup of coffee in the morning.

Tonight, I blog from Row 4, Seat D on Southwest Flight 389 from Spokane (GEG) to Orange County (SNA) as I travel to my Irvine corporate office to work and attend an operations meeting.  Always multi-tasking, I’m chaperoning my son’s friend back to his parents after a week-long visit. We’re both sad he has to leave, so we’re drowning our sorrows in Sprite and peanuts without much conversation.

The guy in the middle seat behind me has major B.O., I pity the people sitting adjacent, sharing space. Row 4 ABC is an interesting combination.  Two young guys, each in the aisle and window, are mesmerized by some super chatty techno whiz old guy who is holding court on whatever he does for a living.  We picked up the old guy in Oakland, and from what I can gather from eavesdropping on their conversation he has developed some software.  Cool.

3 ABC are old-time golfers, decked out in their golf attire.  They have both Inland Northwest and Newport Coast style, so I’m not sure where they call home.  Most likely, a home in each place.

I should be working, making use of this confined space and time but the thought of arriving at 10:15, getting my travel partner home and back to the hotel doesn’t make for good blogging at midnight.  You know I love my 8 hours.

This is my first trip back to Orange County since we moved to Spokane exactly two months ago. The two months have flown by, yet we have done so much in such short time.  Well, not finishing my projects, but getting out and experience what Spokane has to offer has definitely taken precedence over house projects.  I’m a little anxious, which strikes me odd, I’m not an anxious person.  Will I realize what I miss about OC?  As I sit in this plane now, I don’t think I miss any one thing that OC has to offer (family and friends excluded, of course).  Will I once I’m there?

We’re in our final descent so I must end now.


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