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Staycation Part 3 August 27, 2013

Some weeks are just hell to get through, and some are not.

Today is my Friday as I’m vacation for the next 6 days.  This is Staycation Part 3 of Summer 2013.  This Staycation is sure to top the rest with the incredible fun we have planned.

Tomorrow, first thing bright and early, I get to go to Washington’s Department of Motor Vehicles and become an official Washington licensed driver.  Yes, you are supposed to get your new state license after living here for 30 days but I’ve been busy and going to the DMV isn’t my favorite thing to do so it has taken me 60 days.  I’m slightly anxious because there is no appointment scheduling for new licenses.  Moving from California, I am programmed to schedule an appointment as without an appointment you will wait hours to take care of your DMV business.  Hours, as in four plus hours.  No joke.

When we lived in Flagstaff AZ, appointments weren’t available there either.  After only waiting 20 minutes at most, you are issued a 33 year driving license.  Never having to return to the AZ Department of Transportation for 33 years was the absolute best part of living in Arizona.  Ok, maybe there were some other perks, but just thinking about the awesomeness of a 33 year drivers license brings me joy.

I have high hopes for the Spokane Washington Department of Motor Vehicles.  I have noticed retail stores that offer vehicle licensing.  Separating drivers licensing and related issues and vehicle licensing is a stroke of genius.  I’m excited to spend the morning of my first day of my Staycation at the DMV.

Tomorrow afternoon, we will tour the boys’ schools, get their schedules and figure out the lay of the land.  I am giddy with excitement to get on campus, meet the teachers and take the first step toward the new school year.  The boys are nervous and anxious, not wanting summer to end and definitely not wanting to be the new kid. When I asked my oldest what he needed to go back to school, he replied “a friend.”  Since I was referring to school supplies and clothes, my heart flopped to the floor and broke to pieces.  My poor babies!  A friend could be made tomorrow, my fingers are crossed and hopes are high.  School supplies and clothes are purchased so the rest of the day will be spent getting everyone,mainly their dressers and back packs, organized.

That’s just Day 1.  The remaining 5 days of our Staycation is to just enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.  We’re schedule to go boating at least once, hopefully twice.  When at home, the plan is to just get everything done (like laundry) and more organized (namely everything) in preparation for Back-to-School Tuesday.

This is the best weekend of the year.  It is practice weekend.  My county fair baked goods are due next week and I have to practice and perfect my wares.  My recipes are solid, it is just this confounded, awesome yet particular, O’Keefe & Merritt stove that I love but don’t quite yet trust. Temperatures and time need to be tested before I bake my final entries.

Do I really need to take vacation time to do this stuff?  Ab-so-freaking-lutely. My stress levels just dropped an octave and I need time to breathe.  Plus, when the kids go back to school, distractions, fights, cries of starvation will be gone and I will have uninterrupted work time. Novel!   Vacation now is really me just throwing in the towel to bide my time until the kids are in school.  I mean to say that vacation time is time to spend with the kids, cherishing every brawl, hallmarking every backtalk, photographing their lion-like laziness sprawled around the house and mostly to worship them while they play their coveted video games.  If you believe this, you obviously need a vacation more than I.


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