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Emotional Rollercoaster September 3, 2013

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This summer, in its entirety, has been an emotional rollercoaster.  Moving, of course, brought a flood of emotions.  The kids had to learn to allow themselves to have fun and not feel guilty for loving their new home as their emotions conflicted with missing their friends.  Their sister, our daughter, visiting and leaving brought waves of emotion.  The anticipation of their friend arriving and the sadness when he departed, left us all a mess. Why then am I surprised that back to school should bring anything else but a loop-de-loop, full range of emotion?

Back to school morning started great.  Everyone woke up right on time, charged with excitement, and devoured puff pancakes for breakfast. They went through their list of morning responsibilities and rituals until they found themselves waiting in the entryway a full 20 minutes early.  Yet when I suggested we take pictures out front to utilize our spare time, the boys monkeyed around and tortured me with their silliness while I begged for one straight-faced photo.  My husband joined in on their antics and they all mucked around.  If you can’t beat them, trick them.  I was able to capture the photos I did by telling them I took the photo, then snapping while they were laughing at their hijinks.


Though we had fun this morning, our youngest was visibly nervous.  Very clingy and needy, he verbally said he was scared.  He said “I don’t even know where the trash can is.”  I guess the bathrooms weren’t as important as the trash can.

I walked the boys to the elementary school and my husband dropped our son off at middle school. The boys and I were the one of the first to arrive on campus and went straight to their classrooms.  Arriving early gave me time in each class to talk with both teachers who were great and funny and kind, everything I want them to be.  I couldn’t help but feel choked up when I walked out of the school.

The Parent Teacher Group (PTG) had a coffee meet and greet at the school entrance once school started but I didn’t stay.  While waiting for the meet and greet to start, I tried to engage with some of the parents, asking questions, letting them know I am new to the school, without connecting with anyone longer than a few moments.  I missed my friends, I missed being known on campus and being part of the school community.  I took my pity party home.  The good thing about taking a vacation, work needed me.  My friends and family checking in throughout the day helped me too.  Thank you.

I missed the kids but I truly enjoyed the silence of my house today.  Until 3 PM when the boys returned.  Our seven-year old said it best about his classroom “There is a percent rule about no talking.”  Good thing we’re back at school, hopefully we’ll work on percentages.  No talking at school means plenty of jibber jabber all afternoon whether anyone was listening or not. Lots of news to report from all three.  Middle school apparently is cool and has the best lunch.  “Good,” I said “be motivated to go to school for lunch.”  No friends made yet, but he likes his classes.  Our youngest found the trash can and did enough good deeds to earn an extra recess.  Our fourth grader made 5 solid friends and is on his way.

Day one done.


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  1. Jill Schwab Says:

    Emotional for us without you guys Herr. Jake has a lot of new kids in all his classes, Connor is in one, and he has a couple with Sam Young and some with two boys on our soccer team. But he wondered if he would have had any with Trace? Where as Paige knew Niko would have been in her class! And that made Rider assume Andre would have been in his. No amount of explaining changed his mind so we just let him assume! Their day went well, emotional for me, bug that’s expected right? So glad yours are adjusting so well. Hugs!!

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