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Activity Bliss and Juggle September 18, 2013

As if my seventh grader didn’t have enough issues with starting a new school and having a bum left knee and tweaked IT band, now the poor boy has caught the same cold I was down with all weekend.

He’s limping, feeling sorry for himself, puffy watery eyes and snot-dripping nose.  A pitiful sight only a mother could love. House rules is immediate quarantine to your bedroom and enjoy every book on your bookshelf.  No video games, even if FIFA 14 just came out.

He will start physical therapy on his left leg next week.  Soccer is on hold until he is able to run, and breathe it seems.

Rest up, my child, and get well soon.

One down, the other two boys are unphased and bouncing off the walls.  This week they begin their activities (can I get a hallelujah?).  We delayed their start to make sure school started smoothly, we knew the homework load and just to buy us some time.  Let’s be real.

Our 9-year-old does not like to run or chase a ball.  He likes movies. playing with his mini-zoo and talking with friends. Finding something he’s interested in has always been a challenge.  Gymnastics has been a good outlet for him in the past and he starts tomorrow at a new gym.  The highlight of his week will be Saturday when he takes his first-ever archery class.  His goal is to be a target marksman, not a bow hunter.  The one time his dad took him hunting he cried and cried over the poor bunny getting shot.  Even telling the story was brutal.  He ate the rabbit though, no issue there, he just doesn’t want to witness the killing.

We have banned our 7-year-old from archery.  He thinks he’s ready, he’s excited and he wants a crossbow (on sale now at Big 5 he pointed out in today’s flyer – thank goodness I got rid of the Cabela’s ad before he saw it) and wants to hunt.  For no other reason than to pace ourselves (for everyone’s safety) we are making him wait until he is 10. Again, buying ourselves time.  Instead, he gets his “lifelong wish” (really, he said that) to join “Club Scouts.”  Yes, Club Scouts.  His old school had Club Scouts but we boycotted because we weren’t up for it.  Welcome to the world of four children.  Now, faced with crossbow training or Club Scouts, Club Scouts wins.  He is excited for the meet and greet tomorrow night because cake will be served.  As if there are not enough of baked goods in our house at any given time.  He knows it’s Cub Scouts, , but I let him call it Club Scouts about 50 times first before we set him straight – there are only so many little kid moments left in my house.  For his second activity, he wants to go to Sky High and jump on the trampolines for an hour every week.  I’m planning to join in the fun and take a SkyRobics class while he’s playing and occupied.  I’m all about killing two birds, with a stone, not a crossbow.

The fun doesn’t stop there.  University application submittals start next week for our nearly 19-year-old.  Upcoming trips to Toronto, Cincinnati, Newark/NYC and Chicago are in my immediate future too.

All of our activities are Monday through Thursday and Saturday.  Friday is our family movie night.  Sunday is our family adventure day.  My husband and I divide and conquer to manage schedule overlaps.  Dinners are moved up to accommodate the schedule so we retain our sacred tradition of having dinner together at home with mostly homemade food with a few insta-fixes in the cupboard or freezer in case of emergency.  Just wait until you see the October menu (with recipes this time).

Our plan really looks great and manageable on paper.  Let’s hope everything falls into place as the events take place.

I hope your kids’ activities are going well, their business gives you bliss and your juggle isn’t making you lose your mind.


One Response to “Activity Bliss and Juggle”

  1. Jill Schwab Says:

    Mind lost….last year
    My juggling is getting better however! 🙂

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