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Thankweenmas November 24, 2013

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One of the most genius party theme’s I have ever experienced was the Thankweenmas party my then 20-something friends (they are not at least 30, while, I’m, well, 45), were kind enough to invite this old lady to in years past.

The Thankweenmas concept was one party to cover all holidays in October, November and December, including Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Decorations from all three holidays were around the house and competition for the ugliest Christmas sweater was part of the fun.  One year I think there was a mixed holiday craft project, or snow globes with turkeys or something.  I was drinking and I’ve aged since then so anything could have happened.

With Chanukah (JC that’s for you) beginning on Thanksgiving this year, I realized that Chanukah, Kwanza, and Diwali were omitted from the Thankweenmas festivities.  If we’re going to include the holidays, why not include them all? Thankweenmas would need to change to Thankwalinzaweenukahmas.  That’s a mouthful but it would be a more colorful party.

As much as I love the combined approach, I’m a one holiday at a time kind of gal.  It bugs me that stores have Halloween decorations out in August, Christmas stuff out in October and Christmas music playing before Thanksgiving.  As much as I love to plan, I prefer to appreciate a holiday a couple weeks before the actual holiday, shopping for gifts included.  I may make my lists in advance but I hold off until I’m in the holiday spirit.

Some of my neighbors don’t agree with me.  Christmas lights are already strung on homes, bushes and trees.  My husband’s theory is that these people are smart to not wait to hang their lights in the snow.  In a moment of quickness, I asked Senor Scrooge if he would be willing to hang the Christmas lights if there was no snow.  He said, and I have three witnesses, absolutely.  Great, the Saturday after Thanksgiving there will be no snow, thanks for volunteering.  Score one my side.

The boys then jumped on my case for having boring light decorations.  Single strand lights are not fun, apparently.  They each had suggestion, one wants inflatable lawn décor (never in my lifetime), one wants Santa, a sleigh and reindeer on the roof (really?) and the other wants me to buy fiber optic lights and create a light show (honestly, they know the lack of my technical abilities, how is this even considered?). I told them my plan to but a gigantic 3′ diameter wreath to hang on the big window outside of the dining room with berries and red velvet bow.  Their reaction, in unison, was a huge groan.  They may have mumbled “old lady” but with my hearing I couldn’t be sure enough to go after them.

The boys have acquired this holiday disdain from their father, Bah Humbug himself.  The irony is that for all the complaining and moaning and groaning about the amount of work or what we lack, as soon as Christmas comes together they are happy and anxious and completely giddy.

And here I am talking about Christmas when it isn’t even Thanksgiving.  Truth is, I did nothing toward making Thanksgiving happen today.  I went for a walk, raked up more, yes more, leaves and painted our bedroom.  It must be the paint, named Winter’s Sky, that has me thinking of Christmas.  Tomorrow I’ll get back on the Turkey Track.


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  1. Ah yes Thankweenmas! You’re right, the others were omitted and I like the new name….not sure how to say that but would make for some interesting activities 🙂

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