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Snow December 3, 2013

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This morning we woke to our first December snow.  We have had snowy weather in Snovember, but nothing makes Christmas feel Christmas-y like a winter wonderland of snow. Snow is magical. No matter your age, or aversion to cold, when it snows, you stop and take notice.

The grass was barely covered this morning but the idea was there, that is what’s important.  And cold!  Brrrr!  Jack Frost is definitely in charge and temperatures are dropping.  Yet our kids are still in denial that they need to wear warm jackets.  Classmates are still in shorts, why can’t they wear shorts and hoodies?  When they walk home from school, cheeks bright red from the cold, begging for hot chocolate, they finally agree that, yes, they will dress warmer tomorrow.  No,  I didn’t let them wear shorts and hoodies but they did leave the house under dressed to my standards.

Cold weather is festive.  Bundling up and hustling and bustling about town is part of the holiday cheer.  I know my Southern California, Aussie and Kiwi friends are all thinking palm trees and sunshine are great at Christmas, and I agree, having had more palm tree Christmas’ than snowy ones.  Maybe that’s what makes the snow this year a novelty at Christmas.

As we countdown to Christmas, we now want more snow.  Not to drive in, not to shovel (though I can’t wait to see my boys shoveling snow!) but to just enjoy.  Isn’t that what the holiday’s are about? Before I go off sounding like Cindy Lou Who, We do feel advent-ageous to live where we do, enjoying the cold weather and the little bit of snow still on the ground.

Let it snow!


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