the hyphens that define my life

Double Feature Advent-ageous Post 1 of 2 December 9, 2013

This past Saturday morning and afternoon were action-packed with friend and family events with my company holiday party Saturday night.

A much needed, appreciated and fun breakfast with my BFF in Seal Beach.  Two hours flew by quickly and though we covered a lot of ground, there was still so much left to say.  I can’t wait to see her, and hopefully her family too, again soon.

After meeting up with my daughter after breakfast, we travelled to the South Bay for my niece’s 4th birthday party. My daughter had her little cousin laughing hysterically by trying to balance a balloon on their noses and heads.  I could not get enough hugs and kisses from that sweet baby girl.  She was very clear that she was not thrilled that her boy cousins did not make the trip. A couple of hours was never enough time, never is so Skype will have to suffice another day soon.

Back to Orange County to get into our 1920’s Gatsby mode.  My daughter’s waist length blond hair was a big issue.  Over Thanksgiving, we practiced underpinning her hair into a short bob.  Her hair took over an hour to put up. She looked fantastic, don’t you think?

jessica 1920

Ever so thankful for my short hair, I added lots of gel and slicked my hair down and back for a sleek look.  My dress is another story all together. My plan was to make my dress, using my Grandmother’s 1928 wedding dress as my design inspiration.  On Wednesday before the event, I was making a final fix to the dress and managed to rip the front of the dress, completely unrepairable.  I stomped, screamed and swore, then packed up and put away my sewing stuff and headed out to the mall.  In no time I was able to find a fantastic beaded dress and I was ready to Charleston the night away.

I know I mentioned that my company has the best holiday parties in previous post.  My nineteen year old daughter will confirm, these parties are awesome.  The winning combination is simply, great food, open bar and incredible people.  I am one of the fortunate few in the company that know almost everyone.  The benefit of being a recruiter.  I was recognized during the party, along with others, for my 10 year contribution to the company with over 400 recruits.  Yeah me, yeah us!  Again, if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, I have the best job.

There was a consistent theme between my friends on Friday night and my company party on Saturday night.  One friend Friday said I narrate my life.  My company posted on my 10 year  recognition slide Saturday night that you always know what I’m thinking.   Fascinating.  Here’s why:  I only narrate what I’m willing to share.  Please know that there is more behind-the-scenes action, possibly waiting to be told another day, or kept for myself to enjoy.  At work, I’d like to say they ask my opinion, but they don’t always, and I do let them know my unsolicited thoughts.  The good, the bad, the ugly, I throw it down.  My audience is typically members of the Board of Directors, someone has to be their voice of reason, their guiding light.  I don’t charge extra for my opinion, I happily volunteer.  I’m a giver.  Similar to my friend’s comment, my employers shouldn’t fret over my opinion that I willingly share, it is what I’m not saying that should concern them.  Both, my friend and company comments relate to self-preservation.  And, I like to keep you guessing.

Like Santa Claus.  Advant-ageous Day 7 is a nod to the mysterious and illusive man himself, Old Saint Nick.  Ok, maybe I’m not mysterious or illusive, but we both make Christmas magic happen and keep everyone on their toes.

On Friday night, one of my friends made a comment that I narrate my life.

On Saturday, at my holiday party, I was


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