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Advent-ageous Day 9 & 10 December 10, 2013

Monday was pajama day because I thought I was recovering from a wild weekend.  I was recovering.  I was tired and dragging.  Staying in my pajamas all day, ever so thankful for working from home enabling pajama day.

My Advent-ageous message for Day 9 is to take care of yourself and allow yourself down time during the holidays to survive the hustle and bustle.

I thought I had lost my voice, or at least strained my vocal chords at the party Saturday night because the music was loud, you had to yell to talk and, there were those Bon Jovi and Journey sing-a-long moments that had us belting out the lyrics.  On Sunday my voice was strained.  On Monday, I thought I was just exhausted and my voice would come back eventually.

Today arrived and I woke with a fever, a cough, swollen glands and my throat far worse than better.  Although bummed to be sick, I had to smile.  Serves me right.  No sleep, partying with a nineteen year old and running all over town, I earned my illness fair and square.  Super suck though, I had to work, life goes on and I had to rally.

Now at 9:15, I’m finally done with my day.  There is no way I’m posting a double feature today, I’m barely holding it together to type this post.

My advent-ageous message for Day 10 is to do what you can, take things in stride and persevere.  There are only 15 days until Christmas and my to-do list is long.  What gets done gets done, what doesn’t won’t. Oh well.

Be well my friends and enjoy your Christmas season.


One Response to “Advent-ageous Day 9 & 10”

  1. Joan Bakulich Says:

    Hope you are feeling better – glad to have your visit, tho – jkb MIL

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