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Let It Snow!! December 20, 2013

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My friends in Parks, Arizona, at 7200′, reported a foot of snow dumped last night.  Friends in Seattle posted 4-5″.  Here in Spokane, up until 10 AM this morning, not one snowflake. I had snow envy this morning.  Five days until Christmas, in the land of Bing Crosby, and it didn’t look like we would have a white Christmas.

Then, as the weather reports promised, snow flurries began to fall.  Then the snow started accumulating.  Bigger snowflakes fell and it snowed all afternoon.  At our house, on our front porch, we accumulated a good six inches.  The grass is covered, the streets are thick with snow, the tree branches weighted with white.

Around four o’clock, just before dark, I stepped away from my desk, put on my Sorels, hat, coat and gloves, grabbed the snow shovel and shoveled the two levels of stairs and walkway leading to our front door.  I shoveled a path from the side door down to the front porch access.  I was on a snow shoveling roll and shoveled the sidewalk on our entire frontage.  It was snowing, cold and beautiful.

If you’ve never shoveled snow, it is a workout!  My biceps, shoulders and back are humming right now.   I was winded and worked up a sweat.  Just like Rocky.  I’m in winter training.  Actually, I was taking my turn before the snow really hits.  My turn is done.  I do not have a husband and three boys for nothing.  Everybody shovels.  And girl baby that arrives in twelve days will get a turn too.

Lots of people were out walking and enjoying how much a little snow changes the landscape and atmosphere.  One friend was out walking their Burmese Mountain Dog bounded through the snow, burying her big head deep then came up shaking and happy.  No doubt missing his Swiss Alps roots. This silly giant dog’s love for the snow was contagious. Snow is fun!

Now will it stay until Wednesday?  Bing Crosby, legendary crooner of White Christmas, was born in Tacoma Washington but grew up right here in Spokane.  His boyhood home is on Gonzaga University’s campus and Gonzaga holds Crosby’s Oscar.  We want a White Christmas!  The forecast looks bleak with rain in the coming days.  Which, we are learning, means freeze, thaw, freeze cycles.  Yuck, that doesn’t sound bury your face in the snow fun, does it?

We plan to enjoy the snow while it lasts.  Tomorrow, we’re heading to Manito Park for some nearby sledding action and to get the snow crunching under our boots.  We have been warned that the hills are dangerous, due to trees and other people, and helmets are recommended. Check!  Great fun, good times!

With sickness, sick kids, and a sick husband, I totally forgot to celebrate National Maple Syrup Day this past week, on Tuesday December 17. Though Christmas Vacation is my top movie, the syrup scene in Elf is awesome and we should all take pause in our lives to celebrate syrup like Buddy.

I hope your December is sweet and fun so far.  Enjoy the moments.  We love that our buried Christmas lights glisten under the snow on our front porch.

christmas lights


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