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Christmas Past December 26, 2013

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It took all of my strength, but I refrained from blogging, posting, and checking email for three days.  I did creep on Facebook to see pictures and “like” my friends posts, photos and adventures.  I was on vacation, no work, no posts, just family, fun and enjoying the holidays. Holiday almost-unplugged.

I shopped.  I cleaned my house.  I cooked and cooked and wrapped and wrapped.  I delivered cookie plates like a jolly old elf.  As a result we experienced some Christmas Miracles (not the King James version…strictly our family version).

When you cook and obsess about food as much as I do, finding a good butcher is second to none.  Though I’ve known of this butcher for a few months, I never made it to his store, for no reason other than being off my beaten path, I hadn’t ventured that direction.  In search of a prime rib roast for our Christmas Eve festivities, I ventured forth and lo and behold, it was as though the heavens opened and light shone down on this little butcher shop.  Competency and quality is all it takes to make me happy and this shop delivers.  They know their customers and knew I was new.  They questioned why I had never been to their shop and when I explained I was new to Spokane, they challenged why it took me so long to find my way there, for which I had no answer.  Well played butcher man, well played.  As if I needed any new motivation to cook, I now have it, my new friend, the butcher.  For the record, the prime rib was the best prime rib we have ever had in life.  In life.  Of course I took the credit for my awesome cooking skills, but it was the butcher providing excellent quality meat.  Although simple, a good butcher is not easy to find, so for me, this was one of our Christmas Miracles.

From previous posts you know I have to take vacation days from work to get my house clean.  I’m not talking every day maintenance cleaning, I’m talking about C.L.E.A.N.  Golden Rule:  Santa doesn’t deliver to a messy house.  I played Drill Sergeant and rallied the troops for a team approach that got the job done quick.  Without fail, either prior to cleaning or mid-clean, someone will come over for an unexpected visit, finding the contents of a closet in the middle of the room, finding the house torn apart as we attempt to put it back together, or just a straight-up damn mess.  Our Christmas Miracle #2 was our neighbors arrived with gifts AFTER we were done AND I was showered and pulled together.  My floors were mopped, the bathrooms were clean, the animal cages and beds were cleaned, AND I was clean.  This does not happen.  Ever.

Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were happy and fun, festive and exciting and everything they should be.  Our Christmas Miracles #3 and #4 came in the form of Christmas naps.  I’m not talking about my husband, Sir Naps-A-Lot.  Christmas Miracle #3 occurred after presents were opened, Christmas Breakfast eaten, and Sir Naps-A-Lot laid on the couch with our eight-year-old and our eight-year-old took a noontime nap.  Our sons’ weight on my husband made his leg go numb so Sir Naps-A-Lot couldn’t sleep but he dutifully held our son and let him sleep so the entire house was at peace.  Our son hasn’t napped since he was two.  If this wasn’t a direct gift from God, I don’t know what is.  Except perhaps, Christmas Miracle #4 in which I took a 2 hour nap smack in the middle of Christmas Day.  I don’t nap on any given day, let alone Christmas.  With my husband and youngest napping, I seized the rare moment and slept.

While I saw that my friends on Facebook received fancy purses and bling from their husbands for Christmas, I want all of you to know that I received a crash helmet from my husband.  It’s a very nice crash helmet and I truly love the color, style and soft plush liner.  Plus, the crash helmet coordinates with my ski ensemble nicely.  My husband, incahoots with the boys, told me that the helmet is to keep me safe in future wipeouts, though, they all laughed, they are still worried about everyone else on the mountain.  No Christmas Miracle in the hilarity of my loving family.

Our Christmas ended with our cockatiels discovering the popcorn (one of their favorite treats) on the Christmas tree.  Keep your partridge in your pear tree.  A cockatiel in a pine tree is way more festive.


Four Christmas Miracles, a crash helmet and a cockatiel, ho ho ho add some egg nog to that rum!

Vacation and lunch are over….back to work!!


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