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The Twelves February 2, 2014

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This past football season I think I watched 4 games, two of which were the AFC and NFC playoff games. Safe to say I’m not a diehard football fan but you should know that we parents just caved to our kids pleading for a television (with cable – they have a long wishlist) in the living room. We haven’t had a television since we moved in June. Now that we joined mainstream American culture in 2014 (we still don’t and won’t have a microwave), we’re watching football. Our timing could not be better, in case you haven’t heard, Washington’s own Seattle Seahawks are in the Superbowl.

Seattle to Spokane, Seahawk pride is strong. The genius Seahawk promotional campaign, the 12th Man, symbolized with the #12, is found everywhere. There are 11 football players on the field, the 12th man is the fan that completes the team.  Banners are hung from office buildings and in store and home windows. Stores give discounts if you are wearing your Seahawks gear.  People end conversations with “Go Hawks!”  I participated Friday by ending every work email with “Go Seahawks!”  Yet, as Washington newbies, we’re just joining the party.

Yesterday while running errands with my daughter, we stopped at Starbucks for a caffeine boost.  We went through the drive-thru and placed our order and waited our turn.  At the window, the Starbucks employee informed us that our drinks were purchased by the couple in the car ahead of us with the message, “Pay it Forward.  From The Twelves.”  She explained that this pay it forward message from the Twelves has been happening all day.  We played along and passed the same message to the car behind us, buying their drinks too.

The Twelves.   Awesome.  Until yesterday I didn’t have a favorite player.  I do now.  Go #12, you are strong, passionate, know the game and play fair.  Win or lose, stand together, stand strong.  I will be cheering for you.



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