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My Favorite Night September 2, 2013

The kids were thrilled to learn that their new school day is from 8:55 AM until 3:00 PM, a full hour later start in the morning and forty-five minute later release in the afternoon. The kids translated this late start to a later bedtime. Ha ha, silly kids, no chance.
Back-to-school night is my favorite night.

Yes! Early to bed, early to rise makes a man (or child of mine) healthy, wealthy and wise.
Our school night bedtime is 9 PM and the boys are grumbling and missing summer night free-for-alls already. They will sleep until 7 AM, giving them ten solid glorious hours of sleep. Well rested, they are set up for success at school or so I hope.

Nerves, anxiety and apprehension are running high tonight. First day of school is one thing. A new school, new kids, new teachers are a whole other can of worms. As an involved mom (no, I did not say helicopter mom), I too am apprehensive. Will I find my place in the new elementary and middle schools? We’ll start with the coffee meet and greet tomorrow morning and meet the principal at the elementary school and see where the new path takes me.

Having rested and rejuvenated with 6 days off work, I have back to work anxiety too. I haven’t opened my email or listened to a voicemail or answered my phone in 6 days. I can’t remember the last time I took time off completely without checking in. Of course I’ll pay for it this entire week playing catch up, but as restful and relaxed as I feel in this moment is completely worth it.  My six day vacation doesn’t equate with a full summer off from school but I too feel the pressure of going back.

A college sophomore, a seventh grader, a fourth grader and a third grader confirms my babies are growing up.

Our seventh grader texted his older sister today and asked her how to make friends at a new school. Direct hit to my heart. Honestly though son, have you ever had an issue making friends? No. I gave the advice to be a friend to get a friend. Do what’s right, lend a helping hand and support the underdog.

Our youngest said today at lunch that he would be the loneliest kid in class and won’t have any friends at all. The kid that can’t stop talking and has no fear to speak to anyone about anything and is capable of befriending kids much older and much younger than him as well as his own age, will certainly have difficulty making a friend. Yeah, right.

Our nine-year-old fourth grader is completely opposite with his sites set high. He proclaimed at lunch today that he will be the most popular kid in the fourth grade. That’s the spirit!

My husband is in charge of our nightly bedtime ritual of bath, teeth, reading and bed. I hear that showers are finished, teeth are brushed and the boys are in bed reading. I will end now to head upstairs and kiss them goodnight. Then I will run downstairs and click my heals and maybe add a fist pump to celebrate my favorite – BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT!! WOO!