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Pace Yourself January 3, 2013

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How many times will it take before I learn this lesson?

Countless times I am revved up and ready to go tackle the mountain I have placed before me only to fall flat, to finish with a whimper, to get off track and head down another path. All because I create ridiculous parameters that don’t work with my life.  Sigh.

Why then am I surprised that I set myself up for another epic fail?   Ok, not an epic fail. And this isn’t about my diet. I resolved to blog every day.  I blogged day 1 and then didn’t live up to the resolution and, though I thought about blogging on day 2, I let it pass.

Who cares!  I didn’t realize my error until I was tucked in bed ready to snooze.  I’m sure no one else caught it. Did you?

Resolution revision:  Blog whenever I feel like it.  Blog more often than the 9 times I eeked out last year. The purpose is to develop a habit of writing.

The morals of this story, the hand-banging-against-the wall lessons to be learned is to pace myself, yourself, oneself.  Set goals with realistic, fluid parameters.  Give yourself permission to fall off the horse, the wagon, the bike, pick a metaphor that works for you.  Each day is a new day to get back on track.

Don’t fret, the diet isn’t perfect either.  Next week, I’ll justify birthday cake.