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Double Feature Advent-ageous Post 2 of 2 December 9, 2013

After dancing all Saturday night, I woke Sunday morning hurting.  Not from a hangover, from exhaustion.  My weekend of fun and adventure caught up with me.     The real bite was that I forgot to close the blackout curtains in my hotel room and the sun woke me up at 6:45 AM.  I realized at dawn that though I’m capable of keeping up with my nineteen year old daughter-date, I have no business keeping up with her, newsflash. Once I’m up, I’m up, so I packed my things and headed to Starbucks where I did what comes naturally, write a blog post while drinking my coffee.

My friends had scheduled a friendly soccer scrimmage so my son could play with his old team.  I hadn’t checked on him all weekend.  When I left him Friday, I told him to text me a couple of times so I’d know he was ok.  He didn’t.  I didn’t text him, or my friend he was with, either.  We clearly needed our space.

The soccer game was terrific, my son’s knee is healed and he rallied to keep up with his old teammates.  The sidelines are always a good time hanging out with my soccer mom friends.  Commenting on the game, teasing one another and just catching up keeps us very busy.  We were thrilled when a street vendor rolled his cart onto our side of the field to sell Mexican Street Corn. Have you had this?  It will most likely kill you but it is incredible.  This corn was steamed (for the record, next time, I prefer my street corn roasted), slathered in mayonnaise, covered in cojita cheese, rolled in liquid margarine and topped with ground chili powder. We opted out of the chili powder this once.  My friend doesn’t do spice and I had a long day ahead of me that I didn’t need  sabotaged by digestive disaster (see what I am willing to share, like I said, I’m a giver).  Mayo and liquid margarine though are fine.  Logic and common sense, that’s what my friend and I share, in case you’re wondering.

I make Mexican Street Corn at home slightly different as I’m not Mexican nor a street vendor but I am a foodie. First, I roast the corn on the grill which is my favorite way to eat corn on the cob.  My mayo isn’t straight for the jar.  I do use mayo from the jar and add chili powder and lime juice.  This trifecta combination is fantastic. Cojita cheese can be tricky to find sometimes.  Cojita is best, but in a pinch, use grated parmesan and chow down.

I’m pretty certain we missed the entire second half of the soccer game as I have no recollection of the game other than one goal.  All about the street corn!

After lunch, we said our goodbyes which are never easy.  Since our son has struggled with our move, we were concerned that he would be worse off by visiting than by not visiting at all.  We had been talking about our departure prior to leaving than about the trip itself.  Then we left.

At the airport our son was melancholy but not the train wreck I envisioned.  All was well, except our plane was late and we didn’t get home until 11:30 PM.  Though  a long and busy weekend, there is not one thing I would change.

Getting people together is what the holidays is about.  Anvent-ageous Day 8 is gratitude for the incredible, talented, giving, and loving people in our lives.  We are blessed for each and every person in our lives.


Drum Roll Please September 1, 2013

In January this year, my new year’s resolution was to post on my blog every day. Today, September 1, is the 244th day of the year. Though I did not live up to my resolution, I am damn proud of the fact that today’s post is my 100th blog post.

Not only did I manage to write 100 posts on my blog, you, my faithful readers, have read my posts!

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read my blog! Whether you are one of the night owls reading late at night, or if you start your day reading my blog with your morning coffee, thank you.

Thank you to those of you that follow along and comment about my on my personal Facebook page. You challenge me and inspire me and care about me enough to want to know what happens next, for which I am thankful. Thank you too for missing me when I fail to post because I’m down or exhausted or because I just need a break. Your support comforts me and gives me strength.

For those of you that don’t know me, yet found my blog enticing and interesting enough to follow, you make my heart swell. Fifty-two unknowns follow my little blog start-up that could and does. Follow. Not check in from time to time, follow. That means every time I post, they are notified that Multi-hyphenated-me just posted again to her blog. Thank you for following my blog. I hope my posts continue to be worthy of your time.

Aside from my Facebook commenters, thank you for your comments posted directly to my blog. Please keep posting! It is such a cheap thrill for me to see that someone has commented! Facebook commenters, thank you too, but you don’t affect my stats. One reason I have this blog is to become a better writer, whatever that means and for whatever it is worth, mostly just personal satisfaction. I love stats. Stats tell me how many clicks on each individual post, how many shares and tracks all comments. Facebook friends, please, if you would, follow my blog and post directly to my page. Or not, I just love you and your comments any way I receive them.

Thank you visible readers of my blog. Thank you for clicking “like” on Facebook or on my site. Thank you for your comments. Thanks for supporting my effort to be a writer no matter how ridiculous and asinine my attempts may be.

Before I end this, I want to express gratitude to all of you out there that read my blog but don’t click “like” or leave a comment or follow my site. I think of you as my secret admirers. Thank you for reading and for giving my site your attention. If I have inspired you to read my blog, or you were just bored senseless and chose my blog because your mind has gone numb, I am grateful for your time. Feel free to click “like” or comment or follow me.

Drum roll please….tomorrow will be blog post #101. And the beat goes on.


For the Love of Family August 26, 2013

How do I follow-up to yesterday’s drama post? First by thanking all of you that reached out with your kind words to my family and I. Thank you for your love and support.  Before moving forward, I have to correct my errors in Support Me Support Them, of course.

My first correction is that my older sister isn’t 47, she’s only 46.  I will be 45 in September so everyone ages up accordingly on my birthday whether you are ready or not. Seems fair to me.  My sister will turn 47 in November though she sees September 18 as her second birthday.  Everyone wants to be a Virgo.  We’re awesome that’s why.

Second correction is that if I painted a picture of family bliss, forgive me.  Truth be told, my family makes me freaking, in the full f-bomb sense of the word, crazy. You have never seen a more randomly patched together sibling foursome. So much so, I sometimes tell people who know us that I’m adopted, yet not. Refreshingly, we come together for a cause, willing to give all we are able, to help each other in time of need. Get the picture?

A wise person I know says you can never expect world peace because families can not get along. True.  Family feuds didn’t begin nor will they end with me.

My position is that you do not get to choose your family members as you are born into family.  You do, however, get to choose how you spend your time and who you spend your time with as it is your life to live.  This practice typically gets me into trouble or pisses some relative off at any given point though their reaction doesn’t change my belief. 

Differences and feuding aside, I am happy to help my family in their time of great need.

Now that I’ve cleared the air, corrected my errors and came clean with my family life, my day centered on things far more trivial than family coming together over bone marrow transplants.  Two hours of my life were lost on fixing my iphone that started wheezing and losing functionality throughout the day.  TRAGIC!  My phone is my life support  which I rely on heavily. My life, as it functions, stopped.  resuscitation was not possible though Verizon’s help desk or tech support gave two hours of their intense investigation.  Proudly I didn’t lose it on the agent that asked me if I tried the volume buttons to adjust the sound of the ear audio that went out.  Who is this person that doesn’t check the volume buttons?  I am adding them to the list of people I want to meet (see the shell collection person from prior blog post). Kissing the ground thankful that the Extended Warranty covers my phone and a new one arrives tomorrow. Happiness (at least a gigantic sigh of relief) is a new phone. 

Healthcare of the future should include an Extended Warranty (insurance, as you all know, costs a ton of money yet offers no guarantee).  Hello, my liver is shot.  No, no abuse, yes I’m under age 50, may I have another liver? Tried that liver but it didn’t work out for you?  No problem.  Here’s another, just be sure to send in the old one back to us within 5 days.  I think I’m on to something.  Feel free to steal my idea and make extended warranty healthcare happen.  Could you get busy?  September 18 is quickly approaching.


Lunchtime Adventures June 27, 2013

Juggling kids and careers during summer is a both rewarding and a challenge.  We balance our lives by waking early while the kids sleep late, handing out their to-do (or not to-do) lists and tag team run interference should play time go awry.  As part of our newly planned Summer Fun and to celebrate our first full week in Spokane, we ventured out to Riverfront Park to see the pre-Hoopfest hype, Spokane Falls and have lunch at Anthony’s Home Port, all in downtown Spokane, a quick 3 miles downhill from our house.Riverfront Park is an awesome stretch of park in downtown Spokane, along the Spokane river, complete with walking paths, “all wheels paths”, amusement rides, Spokane Falls Skyride, Looff Carousel and IMAX, not to mention spectacular views of Spokane falls. Check it out

I had visited the park in January with Jessica and in May with Trace and still haven’t seen or done all that the park has to offer.  Today was the first visit for Vince, Niko and Andre.  No matter the number of visits, Spokane Falls are an amazing sight.

Riverfront park was alive with Hoopfest event set-up.  Portable basketball hoops in heights for all ages, food vendors, volunteers and news cameras were on the scene to get ready for the world’s largest 3-on-3 street basketball tournament.  We are looking forward to checking out the action on Saturday.

After a stroll through the park, we headed across bridges spanning the river to arrive at Anthony’s Home Port on the northwest side of the river. Anthony’s is a Pacific Northwest seafood restaurant chain  If you’ve ever flown into Seattle, you’ve walked past or eaten at Anthony’s at SeaTac.  Anthony’s Home Port in Spokane features indoor and patio seating with spectacular views of the falls.  Trace and I had lunch here in May and he was excited to return for their Ponzu Salmon bowl with jasmine rice and salad.  Niko, our adventurous eater, loves mussels and ordered their Mussels and Fries plate.  Vince ordered Cioppino and Ceaser, a delicious twist on a typical soup and salad lunch.  I had the Chop Chop Seafood Salad with shrimp and crab.  Andre, our pickiest eater safely ordered Mac-n-Cheese off the kids menu and requested a caeser salad as well.  Andre’s green foods include avocado, artichokes and green grapes.  That’s it.  I told the waiter no side salad which Andre didn’t hear.  When the food arrived, everyone dug in except Andre who was looking for his caeser salad.  Vince told him they put it on his plate and put half of his salad on a spare bread plate.  Andre said ok and started eating the salad.  I asked him when did he begin liking salad?  He told me “I have my secrets”.  Andre proceeded to eat the entire portion of salad and then ate his Mac-n-Cheese.  Not only did he eat salad, but he ate salad first!  If I hadn’t been there to bear witness, I wouldn’t have believed it.  Since everyone polished their meals, we ordered the three special desserts featuring strawberries – strawberry cheesecake, strawberry shortcake and strawberry sorbet. All delicious and gone in a flash as if we just didn’t eat a full meal!  Our service, from hostess to waiter was excellent.  If you haven’t been to an Anthony’s restaurant, we highly recommend you go.

After all that food, we walked back to Riverfront Park and decided to take the Spokane Falls SkyRide for a view of the falls from the bottom. We scored a $2 discount with our AAA card and also picked up movie information at the IMAX.  Again, the views were beautiful.

Spokane Falls SkyRide

Vince captured the adventure today best by saying, “This is awesome!  We are so lucky to live here!” We all had to agree.


To quickly touch on my image issue of looking like a dependent housewife highlighted in yesterday’s post, I am happy to report that I (1) found an awesome salon and fantastic stylist, Taylor, on my first try, hallelujah; (2) Taylor thinks my gray is elegant and he said I have great bone structure for short hair (flattery will get you a big tip…but…); (3) the salon is a non-tipping salon as in no cash tips allowed.  WTH?  Fine by me AND I feel human again with a super short cut.  Refreshing on many levels. Thanks Tay-Tay for the cut and all the great insight on neighborhoods, great pizza, restaurants and outdoors adventures.


Thanks Spokane!  Our first week has been great and we are all happy to be here.