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T-17 The Land of Oz June 2, 2013

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Many people travel.  We go to remote islands and exotic locales, experience new cultures and try new things.  Travelling is one of my favorite things to do, but due to the expense and finding time, travelling is something I don’t get to do frequently.  I happy to live vicariously through others on their travels – one friend whose goal is to travel to all seven continents.  A goal she’ll reach this summer.  I travel through books and magazines, reading stories set in various places and time periods.  My favorite type of travel is travelling through my child’s eyes.

This weekend we travelled to the Land of Oz.  Our two middle boys were cast in The Wizard of Oz.  One son was the Wizard himself.  The other was a Munchkin, part of the Lollipop Guild and one of the Wicked Witch’s monkeys. The youngest enjoyed the creative concessions and our oldest is beautiful even when annoyed with me.

We all had fun in Oz.



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