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T-17 The Land of Oz June 2, 2013

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Many people travel.  We go to remote islands and exotic locales, experience new cultures and try new things.  Travelling is one of my favorite things to do, but due to the expense and finding time, travelling is something I don’t get to do frequently.  I happy to live vicariously through others on their travels – one friend whose goal is to travel to all seven continents.  A goal she’ll reach this summer.  I travel through books and magazines, reading stories set in various places and time periods.  My favorite type of travel is travelling through my child’s eyes.

This weekend we travelled to the Land of Oz.  Our two middle boys were cast in The Wizard of Oz.  One son was the Wizard himself.  The other was a Munchkin, part of the Lollipop Guild and one of the Wicked Witch’s monkeys. The youngest enjoyed the creative concessions and our oldest is beautiful even when annoyed with me.

We all had fun in Oz.



T-20 Milestones May 30, 2013

Today we reach two of our many milestones in our T-countdown to our move from Placentia California to Spokane Washington.

First, congratulations to our daughter who completes her first year of college today!  We’re incredibly proud of her hard work and focus…well, focused most of the time….well, ok, focused enough.  She has worked 25+ hours a week, has carried 13 units each semester and has plenty of time for a social life and family time. Good job girl baby!

Our second milestone happens tonight, opening night of Wizard of Oz at the Brea Civic Theatre.  Our oldest son is the Wizard and our third grader is part of the Lollipop Guild trio as well as a Monkey.  The boys are excited to perform. We are excited to attend the gala event and see them in action.

T-20.  Where did the last 10 days go? My husband and I sat down last night and made a list of what is left to do, assigned each task and crammed in a few more fun events into our schedule.  Action packed.   Guaranteed there will be no dull moments.

Somehow in the midst, perhaps as therapy or as a stress release or both, I’ve managed to blog for 10 days straight! Thanks for reading and cheering me along. My new favorite thrill is to have someone sign up to follow my blog. Go ahead – thrill me.

Blog editorial – my boss LOVED my post yesterday.  His royal CFOness apparently needed the limelight cast his way or just really needed a laugh.  Didn’t I tell you he is a great guy?