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The Spokane River: An Introduction July 13, 2013

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With Andre, our 7 year old, breaking his arm, our Spokane adventures have been halted to keep the boy and his arm mellow without exertion to allow healing and avoid surgery.  A sling is not much of a restraint from his wild antics so we have decided to stay home, work on getting settled and limit all activity.  That successfully lasted a week and now we’re all stir crazy.

Whenever Vince and I meet someone new, whether the paint store guy or the bank teller or just anyone, we ask which is their favorite lake and their swimming hole in the Spokane River.  We have been given great insight to the local waters, natural waterslides off Lake Pain D’Oreille (pronounced Pon-dor-ray), great fishing spots in the lakes and rivers and a lead to a rope swing into the Spokane River.

Today we decided to check out the Spokane River.  Not check it out, we’ve seen it every single day since arrival.  Today was the day we were jumping in and going for a swim.  One guy told me about a swimming hole west of town.  The bank teller told Vince about the rope swing.  When discussed with the boys, hands down, the rope swing location won.  We left the house around 3 PM and headed to this not so secret spot.

Forgive me, the place is managed by Spokane Parks and Recreation.  I saw the name of the place on a sign.  I meant to take a picture so I wouldn’t forget, but I forgot to take the picture so I have no hope of remembering the name of the rope swing spot.

We climbed down this short, loose-gravel-slippery path to the river’s edge.  Houses with docks were scattered along the opposite side of the Spokane River.  Our side of the river had trees and big boulders dropping into the river with spots to swim.  The highlight of this location was the rope swing.  A very generous, show-off of a guy, demonstrated how to grab the rope, where to hold on and when was the best time to let go.

Vince and the boys were stoked!  Woo!  Who will go first?  I had a full panic attack.  Spines snapping, paralysis, broken bones…my babies.  I seriously thought I was going to vomit.  Vince and the boys thought I was ridiculous.  I asked the daredevil demonstrator about water depth, when shouldn’t they let go and other panic stricken but legitimate questions.  Vince made me sit down, with clear instruction to stop talking and just watch.

Andre was pissed off.  He couldn’t swing, which we discussed before arrival and he accepted.  When he saw how dangerous it was and that he was missing all the fun, he made it clear to all that he was not happy.  Because there wasn’t really a beach, he couldn’t wade or play either without quickly being in over his head, unable to swim with one arm.  We sat together, misery loves company.

Vince was the first one to launch.  He performed a mid-air twirl.  He swam the long way around  the rocks before getting out to enjoy the cool (read: freezing), crystal clear water.


Trace was up next.  I held on to Andre and broke into a cold sweat.  I was stressing heavy.


Then my Niko took his turn.  I had a hard time watching, let alone taking photos.


Of course they loved it.  Of course they want to go back.  Our first introduction to the Spokane River was a great experience by a 3-2 split vote.  Andre and I have no plans to return to the rope swing. We are all ready to check out the other recommended spots both up and down stream.


Forgive me for not posting yesterday.  I have allergies (maybe all those dead flowers in my front lawn?) or a cold and I opted to sleep yesterday rather than post.  This has been a rough week.  I’m glad it is done.

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