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Ready to Rumble July 17, 2013

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Are your ready to rumble?  I’m not talking about some WWE smackdown. I’m also not talking about any given minute with my boys.  My favorite rumble is in the sky.  Tonight a thunderstorm is predicted in Spokane skies.

Growing up in Ohio, summer showers are a regular occurrence.  My cousin posted on Facebook the other day that it had rained 16 days straight in Ohio.  Summers in Northern Arizona are hot until the afternoon when huge monsoon clouds would roll in, thunder cracked and rain poured from the sky and cool off the temperatures.

We missed the changing weather while we lived in Southern California.  Southern California is fantastic for its consistent temperatures and we enjoyed the warmth while we were there.

Now living in the Inland Northwest, we have loved the cool weather on our arrival, rainstorms, and fantastic thunder and lightning storms.  We’ve had our share of high heat too which I’m ready to turn off.  They say Spokane only has two seasons, July and Winter, and we’re halfway through July.  Tonight, with only a 30% chance of a storm, we are hopeful for some weather.

Yes, I have nothing else to post about other than the weather.  Call it writer’s block if you will.  It was just a day, nothing extraordinary, all straightforward, simple and true to form, for which, I am thankful.  No additional broken bones, no calamities or crisis.  I did submit my photo of Vince jumping into the Spokane River to the Spokane Valley Photo Contest. I also returned some items I bought online. I watered the grass (the sprinkler system is broken).  Thunder and stormy skies are exciting.

With the first rumblings in the distance, I say goodnight.


The Spokane River: An Introduction July 13, 2013

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With Andre, our 7 year old, breaking his arm, our Spokane adventures have been halted to keep the boy and his arm mellow without exertion to allow healing and avoid surgery.  A sling is not much of a restraint from his wild antics so we have decided to stay home, work on getting settled and limit all activity.  That successfully lasted a week and now we’re all stir crazy.

Whenever Vince and I meet someone new, whether the paint store guy or the bank teller or just anyone, we ask which is their favorite lake and their swimming hole in the Spokane River.  We have been given great insight to the local waters, natural waterslides off Lake Pain D’Oreille (pronounced Pon-dor-ray), great fishing spots in the lakes and rivers and a lead to a rope swing into the Spokane River.

Today we decided to check out the Spokane River.  Not check it out, we’ve seen it every single day since arrival.  Today was the day we were jumping in and going for a swim.  One guy told me about a swimming hole west of town.  The bank teller told Vince about the rope swing.  When discussed with the boys, hands down, the rope swing location won.  We left the house around 3 PM and headed to this not so secret spot.

Forgive me, the place is managed by Spokane Parks and Recreation.  I saw the name of the place on a sign.  I meant to take a picture so I wouldn’t forget, but I forgot to take the picture so I have no hope of remembering the name of the rope swing spot.

We climbed down this short, loose-gravel-slippery path to the river’s edge.  Houses with docks were scattered along the opposite side of the Spokane River.  Our side of the river had trees and big boulders dropping into the river with spots to swim.  The highlight of this location was the rope swing.  A very generous, show-off of a guy, demonstrated how to grab the rope, where to hold on and when was the best time to let go.

Vince and the boys were stoked!  Woo!  Who will go first?  I had a full panic attack.  Spines snapping, paralysis, broken bones…my babies.  I seriously thought I was going to vomit.  Vince and the boys thought I was ridiculous.  I asked the daredevil demonstrator about water depth, when shouldn’t they let go and other panic stricken but legitimate questions.  Vince made me sit down, with clear instruction to stop talking and just watch.

Andre was pissed off.  He couldn’t swing, which we discussed before arrival and he accepted.  When he saw how dangerous it was and that he was missing all the fun, he made it clear to all that he was not happy.  Because there wasn’t really a beach, he couldn’t wade or play either without quickly being in over his head, unable to swim with one arm.  We sat together, misery loves company.

Vince was the first one to launch.  He performed a mid-air twirl.  He swam the long way around  the rocks before getting out to enjoy the cool (read: freezing), crystal clear water.


Trace was up next.  I held on to Andre and broke into a cold sweat.  I was stressing heavy.


Then my Niko took his turn.  I had a hard time watching, let alone taking photos.


Of course they loved it.  Of course they want to go back.  Our first introduction to the Spokane River was a great experience by a 3-2 split vote.  Andre and I have no plans to return to the rope swing. We are all ready to check out the other recommended spots both up and down stream.


Forgive me for not posting yesterday.  I have allergies (maybe all those dead flowers in my front lawn?) or a cold and I opted to sleep yesterday rather than post.  This has been a rough week.  I’m glad it is done.

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Honestly July 8, 2013

When we moved, we sold all of our furniture because our furniture was over 10 years old and kid thrashed.  We also sold our furniture because our new home was built circa 1940’s and has mid-century style that doesn’t suit our old furniture.  And, we sold our furniture because we didn’t love it enough to move it.

Now that we’re here in Spokane, we are without furniture, though not entirely. The house came with a beautiful dining room table with two leaves, chairs and matching buffet.  The guest room is completely outfitted with a queen bed, and dresser.  We sold the bunk beds and other bed sets, but we moved the mattresses.  We also kept our office chairs, camp chairs and beach chairs.  The house also has many built-ins, bookshelves, banquette, dressers and shelves.  Plenty of furniture to call our house a home, for now.

If you have bought furniture,  ever, you know that purchasing furniture is no cheap process.  If you add the words “mid-century modern” or “MCM”, the price tag is increased to meet popular demand.  We have a budget, we have a plan and we’re making good progress.

We have identified a new couch, accent chairs, a chaise, an area rug and some accessories.  Mr. Frugal is holding the purse strings tight before purchasing until he’s certain that I’m 100% certain I won’t have buyer’s remorse.  I see it as a stall tactic but that’s for another blog post.  We are shopping at consignment stores, vintage stores, thrift shops and, of course, Craigslist.  So far, we have bought vintage bed sets for the boys, a credenza for my office and a lateral file cabinet for Vince’s office.  This weekend we purchased a 71″ early 1950’s coffee table from Craigslist. The coffee table is an awesome, DIY refinishing and staining project I can’t wait to get started on.  I’ll post the before and after photos once it is complete, or will blog about any disasters or replacement purchases later.

When we, the entire family, arrived at the coffee table seller’s home, the boys tumbled out of the car into a wrestling match on the front lawn.  Why?  I have no idea, must be a boy thing, they wrestle everywhere. Vince and I entered the home, leaving the boys to fend for themselves, checked out the table, agreed on the price and I paid the man.  What really transpired is that I handed the cash to Vince who handed the money to the seller.  Everyone was happy, we went home with a new coffee table and a new project for me.

Last night, around 10 PM, the coffee table seller sent me a text saying he is either miscounting or he misplaced $20 of the total cash we gave him.  He apologized and asked if I could confirm that we did pay him the $20 in question.  Before we arrived at the house, we stopped at the ATM to withdraw cash for the purchase.  I didn’t spend any other money after buying the coffee table.  I counted the cash in my wallet and, sure enough, I short paid him $20!    I texted back that I had shorted the sale and I would be in the area Monday night for soccer practice and would drop off the $20.  I felt terrible.  I was surprised that both Vince and the seller didn’t double-check my counting at the time of sale.  Word to the wise, always double-check my math, even at base level counting.  The seller texted back that he appreciated my honesty.  Sure thing homie, that’s how I roll.

I passed this perfect sign on my honorable mission tonight to pay my debt in full.

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