the hyphens that define my life

For the Love of Family August 26, 2013

How do I follow-up to yesterday’s drama post? First by thanking all of you that reached out with your kind words to my family and I. Thank you for your love and support.  Before moving forward, I have to correct my errors in Support Me Support Them, of course.

My first correction is that my older sister isn’t 47, she’s only 46.  I will be 45 in September so everyone ages up accordingly on my birthday whether you are ready or not. Seems fair to me.  My sister will turn 47 in November though she sees September 18 as her second birthday.  Everyone wants to be a Virgo.  We’re awesome that’s why.

Second correction is that if I painted a picture of family bliss, forgive me.  Truth be told, my family makes me freaking, in the full f-bomb sense of the word, crazy. You have never seen a more randomly patched together sibling foursome. So much so, I sometimes tell people who know us that I’m adopted, yet not. Refreshingly, we come together for a cause, willing to give all we are able, to help each other in time of need. Get the picture?

A wise person I know says you can never expect world peace because families can not get along. True.  Family feuds didn’t begin nor will they end with me.

My position is that you do not get to choose your family members as you are born into family.  You do, however, get to choose how you spend your time and who you spend your time with as it is your life to live.  This practice typically gets me into trouble or pisses some relative off at any given point though their reaction doesn’t change my belief. 

Differences and feuding aside, I am happy to help my family in their time of great need.

Now that I’ve cleared the air, corrected my errors and came clean with my family life, my day centered on things far more trivial than family coming together over bone marrow transplants.  Two hours of my life were lost on fixing my iphone that started wheezing and losing functionality throughout the day.  TRAGIC!  My phone is my life support  which I rely on heavily. My life, as it functions, stopped.  resuscitation was not possible though Verizon’s help desk or tech support gave two hours of their intense investigation.  Proudly I didn’t lose it on the agent that asked me if I tried the volume buttons to adjust the sound of the ear audio that went out.  Who is this person that doesn’t check the volume buttons?  I am adding them to the list of people I want to meet (see the shell collection person from prior blog post). Kissing the ground thankful that the Extended Warranty covers my phone and a new one arrives tomorrow. Happiness (at least a gigantic sigh of relief) is a new phone. 

Healthcare of the future should include an Extended Warranty (insurance, as you all know, costs a ton of money yet offers no guarantee).  Hello, my liver is shot.  No, no abuse, yes I’m under age 50, may I have another liver? Tried that liver but it didn’t work out for you?  No problem.  Here’s another, just be sure to send in the old one back to us within 5 days.  I think I’m on to something.  Feel free to steal my idea and make extended warranty healthcare happen.  Could you get busy?  September 18 is quickly approaching.


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