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Drum Roll Please September 1, 2013

In January this year, my new year’s resolution was to post on my blog every day. Today, September 1, is the 244th day of the year. Though I did not live up to my resolution, I am damn proud of the fact that today’s post is my 100th blog post.

Not only did I manage to write 100 posts on my blog, you, my faithful readers, have read my posts!

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read my blog! Whether you are one of the night owls reading late at night, or if you start your day reading my blog with your morning coffee, thank you.

Thank you to those of you that follow along and comment about my on my personal Facebook page. You challenge me and inspire me and care about me enough to want to know what happens next, for which I am thankful. Thank you too for missing me when I fail to post because I’m down or exhausted or because I just need a break. Your support comforts me and gives me strength.

For those of you that don’t know me, yet found my blog enticing and interesting enough to follow, you make my heart swell. Fifty-two unknowns follow my little blog start-up that could and does. Follow. Not check in from time to time, follow. That means every time I post, they are notified that Multi-hyphenated-me just posted again to her blog. Thank you for following my blog. I hope my posts continue to be worthy of your time.

Aside from my Facebook commenters, thank you for your comments posted directly to my blog. Please keep posting! It is such a cheap thrill for me to see that someone has commented! Facebook commenters, thank you too, but you don’t affect my stats. One reason I have this blog is to become a better writer, whatever that means and for whatever it is worth, mostly just personal satisfaction. I love stats. Stats tell me how many clicks on each individual post, how many shares and tracks all comments. Facebook friends, please, if you would, follow my blog and post directly to my page. Or not, I just love you and your comments any way I receive them.

Thank you visible readers of my blog. Thank you for clicking “like” on Facebook or on my site. Thank you for your comments. Thanks for supporting my effort to be a writer no matter how ridiculous and asinine my attempts may be.

Before I end this, I want to express gratitude to all of you out there that read my blog but don’t click “like” or leave a comment or follow my site. I think of you as my secret admirers. Thank you for reading and for giving my site your attention. If I have inspired you to read my blog, or you were just bored senseless and chose my blog because your mind has gone numb, I am grateful for your time. Feel free to click “like” or comment or follow me.

Drum roll please….tomorrow will be blog post #101. And the beat goes on.


2 Responses to “Drum Roll Please”

  1. Jill Schwab Says:

    Congratulations on 100 posts!!! You have rocked each and every one of them!! Can’t wait for 101, and 102, and 103…………!!!!!

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