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Double Feature Advent-ageous Post 2 of 2 December 9, 2013

After dancing all Saturday night, I woke Sunday morning hurting.  Not from a hangover, from exhaustion.  My weekend of fun and adventure caught up with me.     The real bite was that I forgot to close the blackout curtains in my hotel room and the sun woke me up at 6:45 AM.  I realized at dawn that though I’m capable of keeping up with my nineteen year old daughter-date, I have no business keeping up with her, newsflash. Once I’m up, I’m up, so I packed my things and headed to Starbucks where I did what comes naturally, write a blog post while drinking my coffee.

My friends had scheduled a friendly soccer scrimmage so my son could play with his old team.  I hadn’t checked on him all weekend.  When I left him Friday, I told him to text me a couple of times so I’d know he was ok.  He didn’t.  I didn’t text him, or my friend he was with, either.  We clearly needed our space.

The soccer game was terrific, my son’s knee is healed and he rallied to keep up with his old teammates.  The sidelines are always a good time hanging out with my soccer mom friends.  Commenting on the game, teasing one another and just catching up keeps us very busy.  We were thrilled when a street vendor rolled his cart onto our side of the field to sell Mexican Street Corn. Have you had this?  It will most likely kill you but it is incredible.  This corn was steamed (for the record, next time, I prefer my street corn roasted), slathered in mayonnaise, covered in cojita cheese, rolled in liquid margarine and topped with ground chili powder. We opted out of the chili powder this once.  My friend doesn’t do spice and I had a long day ahead of me that I didn’t need  sabotaged by digestive disaster (see what I am willing to share, like I said, I’m a giver).  Mayo and liquid margarine though are fine.  Logic and common sense, that’s what my friend and I share, in case you’re wondering.

I make Mexican Street Corn at home slightly different as I’m not Mexican nor a street vendor but I am a foodie. First, I roast the corn on the grill which is my favorite way to eat corn on the cob.  My mayo isn’t straight for the jar.  I do use mayo from the jar and add chili powder and lime juice.  This trifecta combination is fantastic. Cojita cheese can be tricky to find sometimes.  Cojita is best, but in a pinch, use grated parmesan and chow down.

I’m pretty certain we missed the entire second half of the soccer game as I have no recollection of the game other than one goal.  All about the street corn!

After lunch, we said our goodbyes which are never easy.  Since our son has struggled with our move, we were concerned that he would be worse off by visiting than by not visiting at all.  We had been talking about our departure prior to leaving than about the trip itself.  Then we left.

At the airport our son was melancholy but not the train wreck I envisioned.  All was well, except our plane was late and we didn’t get home until 11:30 PM.  Though  a long and busy weekend, there is not one thing I would change.

Getting people together is what the holidays is about.  Anvent-ageous Day 8 is gratitude for the incredible, talented, giving, and loving people in our lives.  We are blessed for each and every person in our lives.


One Response to “Double Feature Advent-ageous Post 2 of 2”

  1. Jill Says:

    Awe, actually it is us who are blessed! The whole Bakulich family is super loved!!

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